ASHP Model Curriculum Third
Edition & ASHP Technician
Jack Bruggeman, Director
ASHP Special Publishing
April 29, 2014
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Review of the Model Curriculum, Third
Review of ASHP Technician Textbook
Today’s Presenters
Jack Bruggeman, Director, ASHP Special
Carlye Miller, ASHP Domestic Sales
ASHP Model Curriculum Third
Published in January
Complete Model Curriculum can be found at:
What is the Model Curriculum?
Keyed to the new Accreditation Standards for
Pharmacy Technician Education & Training
What is the Model Curriculum?
Provides detail on how to meet the goals
defined in the new standards.
Includes objectives and instructional objectives
for each of the 45 goals.
Examples of learning activities for each portion
of the program, including didactic, simulated
(lab), and experiential
What is the Model Curriculum?
Not prescriptive.
Offers guidance and suggestions for meeting
each of the 45 goals.
Program director and faculty may add
additional educational goals and objectives.
What is the Model Curriculum?
45 Goals – 9 Categories
Personal/Interpersonal Knowledge & Skills
Foundational Professional Knowledge & Skills
Processing and Handling of Medications &
Medication Orders
Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding
Procurement, Billing, Reimbursement and
Inventory Management
What is the Model Curriculum?
Patient and Medication Safety
Technology and Informatics
Regulatory Issues
Quality Assurance
What is the Model Curriculum?
Most added goals (eight additional goals from
second edition) highlight material that was
combined in earlier goals.
Two significant changes to note:
What is the Model Curriculum?
Old goal #6 was, “Assist the pharmacist in the
administration of immunizations”
Replaced with new goal #23. “Assist
pharmacists in preparing, storing, and
distributing medication products requiring
special handling and documentation”
What is the Model Curriculum?
Old goal #11, “Assist the pharmacist in monitoring the
practice site and/or service area for compliance with
federal, state, and local laws; regulations and
professional standards.”
New goal #42. Compare and contrast the roles of
pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in ensuring
pharmacy department compliance with professional
standards and relevant legal, regulatory, formulary,
contractual, and safety requirements.
When do the new goals need to be
implemented for accreditation?
For existing programs- January 15, 2015
New programs – January 1, 2014
“New” goals in Model Curriculum
Third Edition
Note crosswalk from 2nd Edition goals to 3rd
edition goals on pp. 71-72 of Model Curriculum .
“New” goals in Model Curriculum
Third Edition
Goal 9. Demonstrate understanding of wellness
promotion and disease prevention concepts.
Goal 12 Perform mathematical calculations
essential to duties of pharmacy technician in a
variety of contemporary settings
“New” goals in Model Curriculum
Third Edition
Goal 13. Demonstrate understanding of the
pharmacy technician’s role in the medicationuse process
Goal 14. Demonstrate understanding of major
trends, goals, and initiatives taking place in the
pharmacy profession.
“New” goals in Model Curriculum
Third Edition
Goal 15. Demonstrate understanding of nontraditional roles of pharmacy technicians.
Goal 16. Identify and describe emerging
“New” goals in Model Curriculum
Third Edition
Goal 20. Prepare non-patient-specific
medications for distribution (e.g., batch, stock
Goal 22. Practice effective infection control
procedures, including preventing transmission
of blood borne and airborne diseases.
“New” goals in Model Curriculum
Third Edition
Goal 25. Prepare Patient-Specific medication
for distribution.
Goal 34 Explain pharmacy reimbursement
plans for covering pharmacy services
“New” goals in Model Curriculum
Third Edition
Goal 37. Explain pharmacists’ roles when they
are responding to emergency situations and
how pharmacy technicians can assist
pharmacists by being certified as Basic Life
Support(BLS) Healthcare Provider
“New” goals in Model Curriculum
Third Edition
Goal 38. Demonstrate Skills required for
effective emergency preparedness.
Goal 39. Assist pharmacists in medication
Goal 40. Assist pharmacists in medication
therapy management
“New” goals in Model Curriculum
Third Edition
Goal 45. Explain procedures and
communication channels to use in the event of a
product recall or shortage, a medication error,
or identification of another problem.
A quick review of ASHP Pharmacy
Technician Textbooks
Manual for Pharmacy Technicians,
Fourth Edition – Instructor Resources
Instructor Guide & Assessment Questions (116
Power Point Slides for Every Chapter (at
Manual for Pharmacy Technicians,
Fourth Edition – Student Resources
Workbook for the Manual for Pharmacy
Technicians (Mary McHugh), 216 pages, Over
700 additional problems, questions, and
exercises for students. $34.
Access to all PowerPoint slides
Top 200 Drugs on U.S. market (store.ashp.org)
Pharmacy Calculations: An Introduction for
Pharmacy Technicians
Pharmacy Calculations: Instructor
Instructors Manual – Includes Notes for the
Instructor, additional practice problems,
extending chapter content exercises, in-class
activities, and “Connecting the Curriculum”
Understanding Pharmacology for Pharmacy
Understanding Pharmacology – Instructor
Instructors Manual – Hundreds of additional
review questions and answers and case study
questions and answers. 135 pages.
Instructor Power Point Slides for each chapter
(at store.ashp.org)
Understanding Pharmacology –
Student Resources
Workbook for Understanding Pharmacology –
Over 1200 additional questions, exercises, and
matching problems, 185 pages, $31.
Access to all PowerPoint Slides
Free online chapter terms and chapter
definition study guides (store.ashp.org)
Pharmacy Technician Certification Review
& Practice Exam , Third Edition
A cross walk matching Model Curriculum Goals
and ASHP Textbook content is available from
Carlye Miller. Contact me at:
[email protected]
Did you get your copy of Technician
Teaching Tips.
Thank you for joining us today
and thank you for what you do
every day to train our future
pharmacy technicians.
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