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Presented by: Dave Brandenburg
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Meeting Host and Presenting Sponsor
United Airlines
• Corporate Real Estate and Supplier Diversity
• Corporate goal of 25%
• United recent successes at IAH
– Terminal B Southside Replacement
• How did we approach it?
Outreach Program (Humble Civic Center)
Website (
Multiple Bid Packages
• Result?
– On a MSPDBE goal of 31%, we are currently tracking 35% participation
– 29 individual MSPDBE contractors
– 14 contractors new to IAH or to United
Meeting Host and Presenting Sponsor
United Airlines
• Upcoming Opportunities
– IAH Construction
• Terminal B remaining bid packages (e.g. millwork)
• Terminal B United Club
• Terminal C/E Inline Baggage Upgrades
– IAH Facility Maintenance
• Goods and Services
– IAH Concessions
• Multiple restaurants and shops
Meeting Host and Presenting Sponsor
United Airlines
• Contact information
– IAH Term. B construction: Skanska USA, Rob Sebe 281-553-9077
– IAH Facility Maintenance: JBT, Debbie Valenzuela 281-553-6317
– IAH Concessions: Westfield, got to website:
– United Corporate (Supplier Diversity), Layle McKelvey 281-553-9007 or
go to our website at
Meeting Host and Presenting Sponsor
United Airlines
• Best Practices
– Stay in touch and attend Outreach session
– Review all notifications! Notifications will identify pre-bid meeting
dates and times (requirement for many of our projects)
– Attend pre-bid meetings and understand key elements that are
important in winning bid selections
– Understand the project requirements for bonds, insurance, etc.
– Submit bids at the designated location and time in the proper format
– Be sure to bid the complete scope, and if you have exceptions, identify
them on the bid or get clarification before hand
– If the scope requires a certification (e.g. roofing), secure it prior to
Meeting Host and Presenting Sponsor
United Airlines
• Summary
– At United, we emphasize Working Together. Working Together isn't
limited to our workforce; it continues in our relationships with our
suppliers. We value and respect suppliers with diverse backgrounds
that can offer unique viewpoints and help us bring new perspective to
our products and services. We seek to ensure that small and diverse
suppliers have equal access to business opportunities with United and
we encourage them to contact us for opportunities to provide their
products and services. Our efforts aren't limited just to those dollars
spent directly with our suppliers; we encourage our large suppliers to
provide the same opportunities to diverse suppliers.
– We encourage you to go to our Supplier Diversity website, which can
be found at United/Global Citizenship.

Dave Brandenburg