Mike Gear - "Training for Workplace Safety"

Safety Challenges in the Resources and
Construction Industries
Mike Gear
National Health & Safety Manager
BGC Contracting
What are the challenges out there?
What is the number one priority at work?
• Safety first?
• Safety is our number one priority?
• Safety is part of normal business, integrated
into everything we do
• Client satisfaction – Delivering quality projects,
Safely, on time and on budget.
What are the challenges out there?
Working at height?
Manual handling?
Isolation breaches?
Mobile Machinery interaction?
Training and Competency
Maybe not!!
“Shake Hands With Danger!”
Where have we come from?
• How much have we improved over the last 3040 years?
• Is the workplace safer?
• Are we still killing people?
Safety Evolution
~15 Years Ago
Safety Officers
/ Advisors
5+ Years Ago
Safety Officers
/ Advisors
30+ Years Ago
Values, Attitudes
Behaviors &
Last 5 Years
Values influence our attitudes, and attitudes
influence our behaviour.
It follows that if our values are aligned, we will
exhibit the right attitudes and behaviour, and
deliver client satisfaction – quality, safely, on
time, on budget.
Impact Photos
Impact Photos
How do we get there?
It’s about building a culture
“The Company way”
Positive workplace – talking good!!
What it is not
• Pressure talk - Talking bad!!
• Concentrating solely on compliance to systems and
• Lag indicators
It’s not just about safety?
• Paradigm shift in how we “talk safety”
• Don’t have to talk safety??
• Design training on;
 Values
 Behaviours
 Attitudes
 Culture
 Leadership
 Decision making
 Situational decisions based on personal values
 What motivates