Workforce Planning
Is fundamental to providing a quality care
service that can respond to change...
“having a workforce with the right skills in
the right place at the right time - providing
safe and personalised care to meet
individual needs”
Activity 1
• In pairs, take 3 - 5 minutes to think about the
factors that can affect your workforce
• Jot down the key factors that contribute to, or
challenge, your workforce plans
Key considerations in Workforce
• Staff ratio, skill mix, dependency levels / changing
needs of clients
• Care Assessments / funding
• Legislation, e.g. CQC Essential Standards competent workforce v budget for training
• Recruitment and retention – having available
workforce (turnover costs circa £3,000 pp)
• Training Needs Analysis and on going development of
• Service delivery / expansion / changes
What’s the workforce picture like with
Case study 1
Service transformation with a small budget!!
Vision – change from ‘hotel’ to small group living
Challenge – shared vision (leadership team),
permissions, environment, sufficient existing staff,
involvement of families
Plan – 3 month period to effect change
Recruited staff for new unit from existing staff and developed them
Resources to support Workforce Planning
• Principles of Workforce Re-Design
• NMDS-SC – information, data, worker and training
• Skills for Care ‘Guidance to meeting CQC training
• Overall workforce plan, individual worker
development plans (link to regular observation of
staff, supervisions and appraisal)
• Job descriptions – training needs analysis
• Funding sources / training or development
Case study 2
Welcome Bernadette Mossman (Vida
Healthcare) or Steve Liddle (Wilf Ward Family
Tell us how and where have you have located
funding / training opportunities to support your
workforce plans?
Funding and training opportunities
Local Authorities / PCT
Community Matrons / Specialist Link Nurses
YH Projects – End of Life Care leadership programme in Care Homes
Workforce Development Fund / Dementia (via CAWD) – NVQs and
QCF units / enhanced payment
Skills Funding Agency - L2 and L3 Diplomas, Apprenticeships , distance
learning VRQs (knowledge only)
Work Place Learning (ESF) – first full L1, L2, L3 (only in SMEs for those
aged under 24 years), basic skills (Colleges)
E-learning (e.g. Learning Pool, SCIE Social Care TV, e-ELCA via NMDS)
Incentives – DWP Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE), Youth
CAWD for employers in York and North Yorkshire
WDF Partnership in York and N Yorks
• CAWD - with Wilf Ward Family Trust managing
the Contract
• Contact is Jan Newton on 01751 474740, ext
• Email [email protected]
• Provide NMDS-SC reference number, sign
Partnership form, update NMDS-SC
• Send in Unit Summary Sheets (as NVQ or QCF
unitS are completed) to claim monies
Activity 2
• Spend 5 minutes reflecting on what you have
• Jot down any key actions to take back to your
Workshop close
• Any questions?
• Thank you very much for participating
• Rachael Ross, Skills for Care Area Officer (North Yorks)
and Chair of CAWD - 07815 429170, or email
[email protected]
• Angela Thompson, Skills for Care Area Officer (York,
Doncaster, Wakefield) – 07813 031257, or email
[email protected]

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