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The Big6 Skills Steps
Julie Hastings
Social Studies – 5th Grade
Standard 5
Students will address the causes, consequences and
implications of the emergence of the United States as a
world power.
Objective 2
Assess the impact of social and political movements
in recent United States history.
The mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas wrote to
President Eisenhower for help; a historian
explains that the President was obligated to
uphold the rulings of the court; protected by
the U.S. military, the nine African American
children reported to Central High on
September 24, 1957.
By Thomas Kingsley Troupe
Find web pages that have...
all these words: Civil Rights Movement
this exact wording or phrase: Little Rock Nine
INFOMINE: Librarian-selected scholarly sites
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Example of a video found by using NETS
Little Rock Nine - Bing Videos. (n.d.). Bing. Retrieved September 23, 2011, from
1. Complete Research:
Find at least 2 sources on your topic
2. Highlight important information
(Trash & Treasure)
3. Complete 2-Column Notes
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