By Eli, Will, Cole, Faith and Amy
• Are you ready to learn about the most
interesting things in the whole, wide world?
Well, buckle your seat belts and enjoy the
ride. Today, we will talk about how the
Neanderthals lived, what they ate, and what
their daily lives were like.
Hunting Animals
Neanderthals hunted deer, mammoth,
reindeer, rhinoceroses, and horses. (1)
Scientists discovered skulls
and other body parts in most
caves, so Neanderthals
probably lived in caves.(2)
Neanderthals’ tools were
spears, axes, clubs, and
Neanderthals gathered around
the fire to keep warm. They used
flint and hit rocks together to
make the sparks to start a fire. (4)
Neanderthals used their
weapons to kill their food.
They used spears and clubs.
Some scientists believe that Neanderthals crawled
in caves and drew all the events that happened in
their life and many animals. Other scientists
believe cave paintings were only made by CroMagnons. Still other scientists believe that cave
paintings were made by a species that was of
mixed Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon race. (6)
Daily Life
The Neanderthals made tools,
hunted, gathered nuts and berries,
made clothing, and made shelters.
Neanderthals lived in most caves
and made houses out of branches
and twigs from the nearest trees.
Neanderthals were short, hairy, had short
limbs, long thighs, large muscles, and they
were five feet and two inches, and they
weighed 145 pounds. (9)
Religion and Dates
Neanderthals believed in the power of
harsh nights, and the Neanderthals lived
200,000 years ago. (10)
The Neanderthals language was grunts
because they didn’t have vocal chords.
Neanderthals wore deer hide and wooly
mammoth fur. (12)
Three Questions
• Of what were the Neanderthals’ shelters
• What kind of tools and weapons did the
Neanderthals have or make?
• What kind of animals did the Neanderthals
Answers to Questions
• The Neanderthals’ shelters were made of
twigs and branches from the nearest trees.
• The Neanderthals’ weapons were spears and
clubs. The Neanderthals’ tools were axes and
• The Neanderthals hunted deer, mammoth,
reindeer, horses, and rhinoceroses.
• Now, you can finally unbuckle your seat belts.
We hope your brain is filled with facts about
Neanderthals. Can you even imagine sleeping
in the cold instead of being nestled up in your
bed? Can you even imagine not being able to
talk because you didn’t have vocal chords?
Wasn’t that an amazing adventure? We loved
learning about the Neanderthals!
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Thank You For Watching!
We hope you liked our
awesome video that is
about our peers from
the past,
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