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Yasar Bivas
Senior Manager
+90 212 368 54 60
+90 212 230 82 91
[email protected]
Professional experience
► Yasar Bivas is a Senior Manager
within Ernst & Young’s Financial
Services organisation and focuses
on the Banking sector. He has
worked in the audit banks for 11
years in various roles.
► Member of EY Financial Services
Industry group.
► Yasar Bivas joined Ernst & Young
in 2002 and is based in the Istanbul
office. He is well seasoned in local
GAAP and IFRS, working with
organisations with the most
complex agendas.
► Yasar Bivas is Independent Public
Accountant and Financial Advisor in
Turkey and he has certificate for the
Independent Audit in Capital
► Auditor of Banks and various
financial institutions
► Knowledgeable in due diligences for
foreign investors
► Has in depth knowledge of IFRS
and local GAAP
► Experienced in loan portfolio
reviews and internal control
► He is specificly involved in audit of
financial statements prepared in
accordance with IFRS and audits
performed in line with pre-specified
group accounting standards and
accounting standards determined by
Banking Regulation and Supervision
Agency and Capital Markets Board
► Participated to the auditor transition
stage of several Turkish Banks.
► Played manager role for several due
diligence projects conducted for
financial institutions, especially Banks.
► Conducted various internal control and
risk management projects in Banks.
► Participated to several loan portfolio
reviews of major Turkish Banks.
Previous and current clients
ING Bank, Alternatif Bank, Tekfenbank,
ABN Amro Bank, Bank Pozitif, Türk
Ekonomi Bankası, Garanti Bankası,
Denizbank, AON Sigorta, Societe
Generale Bank, Bankalararası Kart
Merkezi, Rönesans Gayrimenkul, Yapı
Kredi Bankası
► Conducted various trainings on
audit methodology
► Ernst & Young audit methodology
champion / sponsor