7 Days: A Week in the
Life of a Bible Study
What’s the purpose
of Sunday School?
To Make Disciples!
Bible study is an important
function of a Bible study group,
but it is not the group's purpose.
The purpose of a Bible study
group is to impact lostness by
making disciples.
Bob Mayfield
Missional Pivot Points
What does the
Sunday School teacher
do to accomplish this
How does the
Sunday School teacher
do all of this in a week?
Take it from Jethro…
Exodus 18:14-23
What is this that you are
doing for the people? Why
do you sit alone, and all the
people stand around you
from morning till evening?
Exodus 18:14
What you are doing is not
good. You and the people
with you will certainly wear
yourselves out for the thing
is too heavy for you. You are
not able to do it alone.
Exodus 18:18
Look for able men from all
the people….it will be easier
for you, and they will bear
the burden with you.
Exodus 18:21,22
How does Jethro’s advice
translate to the Sunday
School teacher today?
Enlist & give others
opportunity to serve!
Assistant Teacher
• Back-up
• Preparing a leader for a new
(birthed) group
• Helps organize outreach
• Coordinates local mission
Care Group Leader(s)
• Ministry & encouragement
• Communication
Fellowship Coordinator
• Building relationships
• Having fun together
What is the task
of the teacher?
7:10 Principle
(Ezra 7:10)
…to study
• Personal Prayer & Bible
• Lesson Preparation
…to do it
• Leading by example.
• Modeling.
• Missional Living.
• Missions & Evangelism.
…to teach
• This is your ministry in the
Sunday School
[Ezra] studied before he
attempted to live a life of
obedience, and he studied and
practiced the law in his own
life before he opened his mouth
to teach that law.
John MacArthur
The MacArthur Study Bible (NASB), 638
In a word, the task of the
Sunday School teacher
is to Lead.
Teachers shape, challenge, and
change people, and in doing so,
they lead….The most powerful
means of leading the people of
God is teaching them the Word
of God.
Gary Bredfeldt
Great Teacher Great Leader, 13, 18
How does the
Sunday School teacher
effectively teach
the Bible?
Begin on Your Knees
The most effective ministry
of a Sunday School teacher
is accomplished on his or her
knees in prayer. Elmer L. Towns
What Every Sunday School Teacher Should Know
• What you are teaching
• Where you are teaching
• Who you are teaching
• How you are teaching
(Adapted from article by J. David Apple)
Know Your Objective
& Stick to It
Make the main point
the main point!
Teaching Method
Lawrence O. Richards & Gary J. Bredfeldt
Creative Bible Teaching
• Gains attention
• Surfaces a need
• Sets a goal
• Leads to Bible study
• Involves students in the
study of the passage.
• Clarifies the meaning
• Communicates the general
& transferable principle(s)
• Relates truth to life
• Provides opportunity to
explore general implications
• Motivates students to action
• Provides opportunity to
identify life application
• Leads to specific action or
life change
• Allows meaningful
completion of lesson
When does the
Sunday School teacher
do this during the week?
Teacher Tips
7 Days: A Week in the
Life of a Bible Study