Management By Judges (MBJ)

Management By Judges (MBJ)
In all the above types of management, even though some of them are highly
unscientific, a ray of hope remains in the sense that management is still in the
hands of persons working in the organization.
However, when on majority of the occasions decisions are not taken or decisions
are taken on the basis of personal equations rather than merits of the case; persons
affected by the issues, be they employees or creditors or customers, feel that
justice and fair-play cannot be expected at the hands of the management and the
only course left to them will be to approach courts obtaining justice.
In such cases decisions are taken by courts and equity of this method can never be
disputed it tells upon the quality of internal management.
While every organization may have to adopt all these types of management styles
at one time or the other, the overall quality of the management is decided by the
ratio of each type of management style adapted to the total management style.
Credit: Management Control Systems-MGU