Latin American Revolutions

Aim: How was Latin America
impacted by the ideas of
Enlightenment and the French
Do Now: How would you describe yourself?
American? Italian American? Irish American?
Latino? Why?
Predict what revolutionaries in Latin America
will be fighting against
Nationalism is commonly defined as a love
for one's country. Historically, however,
nationalism takes on a far greater
meaning. Throughout history, large groups of
people who share a cultural identity (language,
customs, history) have felt the pulling power
of nationalistic feeling. The spirit of
nationalism also includes the belief that one's
nation is better off as an autonomous state.
Autonomy is defined as a nation governing
itself independently from a centralized
point. Still another aspect of nationalism is the
willingness to go to extreme measures in
achieving autonomous self-rule.
Revolutions, wars, ethnic tension, and other
conflicts of varying degrees have occurred
throughout history because of a love for one's
country. The spirit of nationalism has shaped
the histories and destinies of many
countries. Nationalism can unite people into
cohesive, stable nations. Likewise, it can tear
nations apart which can result in long periods
of social upheaval and political chaos.
Discussion Questions
Define and give examples of Nationalism
Define and give examples of Revolution (s)
Good, Bad or Both?
Describe how pride or too much pride could be a
bad thing.
Explain why nationalism is both a positive and
a negative force
Causes of Latin American
The French Revolution and the American
revolutions provided the spark for
The rise of Revolutionary leaders raised on the
ideas of the Enlightenment
“El Grito de Dolores” The Cry of
“My Children, will you be free? Will you
make the effort to recover the lands stolen
from your forefathers by the hated
Spaniards 300 years ago.”
 Who do you think the children are in
this quote?
 Describe how the Spaniards are being
 How could this quote possibly
influence the quest for independence?
Latin American Revolutions
As we go through the slide show,
please fill in your Graphic organizer
and answer the questions.
Father Miguel Hidalgo
Mexico: 1810-1820
Rallied support with his
speech, “El Grito de
Dolores” (The Cry of
Poor Mexicans fight for
“Independence and Liberty”
from Spain.
Hidalgo, considered too
radical for some, was
executed and several other
leaders eventually achieved
Toussaint L’Ouverture
Haiti: 1791-1820
Begins movement for
Haiti’s independence
from France.
Freed slave who became
“brave leader”
Haiti gains
independence due to the
French being spread too
thin, and falling victim
to yellow fever
Simón Bolívar
“The Liberator”
Educated Creole
Leads independence
movements in
Venezuela, New
Granada (Colombia),
Ecuador, Peru, and
Bolivia against Spain.
Joins forces with José
de San Martín
Independence for Brazil
Peaceful Independence
King of Portugal introduced many reforms
Constitution with free press, free relgion, and a
José de San Martín
Educated Creole
Leads independence
movements in Chile and
10A--Analyzing Documents
Was Bolivar truly “The Liberator?” Consider this
Taken from the memoirs of
Bolivar’s own chief of staff:
“Meanwhile he organized his government, in which he
united in himself the three powers, --legislative,
executive, and judicial; in virtue of which, he became
absolute master of the liberty, prosperity, and lives
of his countrymen. He named to offices those who
could flatter him most. This dictatorship was…an
absolute, despotic, military government.
Student Debriefing Activity
Working in Pairs:
Read: Latin American Peoples Win
Answer Questions 1-4 and Skill builder 1-2
Create a poster that represents your nationality.
Feel free to be creative!!
Evaluate whether the revolutions of
Latin America succeeded in bringing
the ideals of the Enlightenment to
the People
In a T Chart- list the Similarities/Differences
How did the Enlightenment and the
French Revolution lead to
Revolutions in Latin America?
Summary In a paragraph,
discuss the similarities of Revolutions
Influence of the Enlightenment
Influence of the French Revolution
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