Roland Barthes-Camera Lucida

Map of NYC
Eadweard Muybridge, The Horse in
Motion, 1878
Alfred Stieglitz, The Horse
Car Terminal, New York,
Koen Wessing, Nicaragua, 1979
Koen Wessing, Nicaragua, 1979
William Klein, Mayday Moscow, 1959
Richard Avedon, William Casby:
Born a Slave, 1963
Charles Clifford, The Alhambra (Grenada),
James Van Der Zee, Family Portrait, 1926
William Klein, Little Italy, New York, 1954
Andre Kertesz, The Violinist’s Tune: Abony,
Hungary, 1921
Lewis H. Hine, Idiot Children in an
Institution, New Jersey, 1924
Felix Nadar, Savorgnan de Brazza, 1882
Robert Mapplethorpe, Young Man with
Arm Extended
Alexander Gardener, Portrait of Lewis
Payne, 1863