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The History of Trento
A few words…
Trento is an italian city, situated in deep
valley Adyga.
Some of history
In the past, the settlement was occupied by
the Celts. After the fall of Western Empire,
it belonged to Ostrogoths, then to the
Lombards and finally, it became the part of
the Frankish county.
Trentino was occupied by Habsburgs in
Important events
 1545-1563 -The council of Trent
 The 19th of March 1848 - during the Spring of Nations,
there took place uprising, what was bloodily suppressed.
 1866 –unsuccesful attempt of join the Trentino to Italy.
Till the First World War, Trentino was situated on
Austro-Hungary’s limits. It was occupied by Italian
troops on 3rd of November in 1918.
Under the treaty peace in Saint-Germain-en-Laye,
Trento was annexed to Italy.
The Geography of Trento
Trento is an italian city, situated in deep
valley Adyga.It’s locate on northern side of
the Alps.
Region: Trentino
Area: 157
–Alto Adige
Population: 112 142
The location of Trento
Mountain range in the foothills of the Alps
• Group Monte Baldo
• Pasubio
• Groupe Ortles
Monte Cevedale- the biggest
mountain in Trentino. It
belongs to the Alps. It
measures 3769m.
Monte Cevedale is located in
Groupe Ortles.
Surface water
Adige river- the biggest river, with basin in
Trentino –Alto Adige
Torrent Avisio- the longest river with basin in
Trentino –Alto Adige
Garda- the biggest lake and the deepest lake
in Trentino –Alto Adige. The area has got 14
500 00 and the depth is 350m.
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