Nuclear Weapon Museum. Sarov, Russia.
Museum of Bamum Fine Art, Cameroon
Museum of labour and mode of life, Kortkeros, Komi, Russia
Vinzavod, Moscow, Russia
Nuclear Weapon Museum
Sarov, Russia
A unique city must have a unique museum.
We would like to tell you about our Nuclear Weapon Museum.
It was opened in 1992.
Nuclear Weapon Museum
Sarov, Russia
Here you can find information
about the main stages of
development of the Russian
nuclear shield.
Nuclear Weapon Museum
Sarov, Russia
There are quite a few model bombs.
Each of them could destroy a city. One
of them could even destroy a country.
It is the most powerful thermonuclear
bomb. The first bomb in the
exposition is called RDS-1. We call it “a
bomb with big eyes and a red nose”.
It was the first bomb made in the
Soviet Union but it was more powerful
than the bomb that had been
exploded over Hiroshima.
Nuclear Weapon Museum
Sarov, Russia
This museum makes us understand that our
country possesses a really redoubtable
weapon that is able to prevent possible
enemies from attacking us.
Nuclear Weapon Museum
Sarov, Russia
But it also makes us understand that it was constructed for the sake of peace.
We hope to see these bombs only as exhibits in the museum but not in action.
The museum we have written
about is the Museum of Bamum
art, located in the Foumban
established in 1994.
It is a
museum of traditional arts and
culture. It is very important
because it helps to portray our
culture. It can enrich the
personality of children by making
them know their culture and the
story behind their origin and
history. It helps students to
develop their imagination.
• Our museum was opened
on November 4, 1987
• It’s official birthday is
January 9,1988
• There are many exhibits of
the traditional way of life
The first hall. Legends
The second hall. History
As a legend says St. Stefan
Permski fought Kort Aika
(Iron Man), who first settled
This is how our village
looked like before the great
fire in 1911
Traditionally native
people were hunters,
they used traps.
They went to the
forest for hunting for a long time.
That’s why they built hunting houses
there to be safe from wild animals.
There are tools here
that were used by
people to make cloth.
There is also a
collection of clothprinters that were
used to put ornaments
on the cloth.
We would like to tell you about one of the most
popular Moscow museums - "Winzavod".
This former winery is now the heart of the
country's contemporary art, which is very
popular nowadays.
"Winzavod" consists of seven buildings with a
total space of 215,000 square feet. A lot of
exhibitions, presentations and shows take place
there. Winzavod is also home to artists' studios,
a photography studio, an advertising agency, a
styling school, an art supply store, a bookstore
and a stylish art-cafe.