Creating Public Value Strategic Management in State Government

“Creating Public Value”
Strategic Leadership: How Leadership Must
Change in the Information Driven World
Presentation to the VEIAA
November 28th, 2012
Bill Leighty, DecideSmart, LLC
From: Mark H Moore
“Strategic Management in Government”
Why This Concept
• According to Mark H Moore:
– “It is the adaptability of the organization that
determines the long-run value of private sector
– “Perhaps the same should be true for public
sector organizations.”
Moore’s Conceptual Framework for
Creating Public Value
Policy Outcomes and Outputs
Quality of Service
Public Trust
Policy Outcomes and Outputs
What mission do you perform?
How do you contribute to society?
How noble is your contribution?
What do you do here?
• How efficient are you with the
resources allocated?
• How do you measure efficiency?
• How do you prioritize?
• How do you know you are doing a
good job?
Quality of Service
• How do you define who your
customer is?
• How do you measure the customer
• How does your customer measure
their experience?
Public Trust
• What does the “public” really
know about your mission?
• What are the key pieces of
information that tell your story?
• Where does the public get their