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Jin Dynasty
乐不思蜀 -- 阿斗(刘禅)
• The period of Three Countries didn’t last long. 司
马昭, who was the person in charge of Wei, led an
army to attack country Shu. Shu’s emperor,阿斗
(刘禅), surrendered.司马昭 brought阿斗back,
gave him great food, music and pretty women, and
made him live very comfortably. Once he asked阿
斗: “Do you miss Shu”?阿斗 said: “No, it’s fun
here, I don’t miss Shu.” The idiom 乐不思蜀
came from this story.
• Later on,司马昭 became the emperor and
named his dynasty “晋”.晋 attacked
country Wu, and China became united again.
• 晋朝 was divided into two periods: 西晋 265年—316年)
265年—316年) and 东晋(317年—420年).
• 晋朝 was a very special period of time in Chinese history:
there were many wars and people lived a miserable life,
but many talented artists, poets, litterateur emerged during
that time. Moreover, people thought to have one’s own
individual personality was an important thing, which
makes this dynasty special, since individualism or one’s
own personality isn’t something encouraged by
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