Mini-Quiz on Lectures #1

Mini-Quiz on Lectures #1
1. The title of this lecture is:
A. The Language of Women of the World
B. Nu Shu: Women’s Unique Language
C. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
2. Scholars have known about Nu Shu:
A. for centuries .
B. only for the last few years.
C. only in the last few decades.
3. The book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan has been important to the study of Nu Shu because:
A. it is an example of women’s writing.
B. Lise See is a fluent Nu Shu speaker
C. it brought this secret language to a public light.
4. According to the lecture, Nu Shu:
A. is a language used only by women
B. is spoken by many women all over the world.
C. an important, widely used, world language
5. The beginnings of Nu Shu are:
A. well known and scholars know exactly how it started.
B. obscure; no one is sure how it came about.
C. This was not discussed in the lecture
6. The lecturer believes that the language Nu Shu was developed:
A. to record the emperor’s expenses.
B. to keep the emperor informed of what is going on in his court.
C. to help isolated women communicate with friends and family.
7. Nu Shu writing was often hidden in:
A. fans & weaving
B. embroidery
C. A & B
D. None of the above
8. Third-Day Books were journals:
A. filled with writing that was free from restrictions imposed on women of that time.
B. shared with men or boys.
C. that were carefully stored in vast libraries.
9. There are many examples of Nu Shu writing that exist today because most of them were found
and stored in libraries.
A. true
B. false
C. This was not really discussed in the lecture
10. The Third Day Books were not very important to the women who wrote them. We know this
because most of them were buried.
A. true
B. false
C. Not really discussed in the lecture
11. Nu Shu writing is different from today’s Chinese writing in that Nu Shu is:
A. written from top to bottom
B. threaded from right to left.
C. made up of phonetic writing rather than ideograms
12. Which of the following means the same thing as delicate?
A. wispy and elongated
B. local dialect
C. bold and strong
13. The lecturer implies that Nu Shu is not important because it has only 2500 characters.
A. true
B. false
C. Not really discussed in the lecture
14. Scholars are interested in studying Nu Shu because:
A. it gives us a unique perspective of people who did not have a public voice.
B. they give a public voice to the emperor
C. it is easy to write and it is delicate.
15. The lecturer said that the few women who can write Nu Shu today:
A. still have no power.
B. are bringing a lot of tourist money to their villages.
C. can also write in Mandarin Chinese.
16. An alternative title to this lecture could be:
A. Nu Shu and the New Economic Power of China
B. A Secret Womens’ Language: Overcoming Powerlessness
C. Nu Shu in the Emperor’s Court