Daniel`s story

Daniel’s story
By:Carol Matas
PowerPoint By:Angela and
Place and time
• Lodz a city in Poland and Auschwitz, a
concentration camp ,Buchenwald a
concentrentration camp in Germany.
• 1933-1945
• All seasons around.
18 years old
Black hair
Blue eyes
Likes to take pictures with his camera
is Jewish
Bright red hair
Pale skin
Has freckles
Blue eyes
Always smiling
Pale skin
Quit ,calm and shy
Brown hair
Brown eyes
Loves to play violin
16 years old
Daniels little sister
Cause and Effect
• Daniels grandma made • He got to go out and
him a Hitler uniform.
take pictures with his
camera .
• Peter got punched in
the stomach and got
• had eternal bleeding
kicked in the head .
and died.
• Daniel’s mom died.
• Got put in a gas
Historical events
• Janury30,1933 Aldof Hitler is appointed
chancellor of Germany and the Nazi party came
to power.
• September 15,1935 the Nuremburg laws are past
to protect the purity of the Aryan race.
• October 18,1941 Daniels family is deported in to
the lodz ghetto.
• May 8, 1945 Germany surrenders to the Allies.
Sapphire’s emotional response
I thought that Daniels story was a awesome book
and I recommend this book to people who like
books that makes you cry and smile . This book
changed me in so many different ways . now I
know how it feels to have been a Jewish child
during the holocaust.
Angela's emotional response
I thought it was a great book . It was a better book
then I thought it would be.It is very sad to.It is
very sad how German people treated Jewish
people all because of there religion .This book
helped me understand the holocaust better. I would
recommend this book to people who like a
sad,happy and exciting book.