Orphan Train Rider

Orphan Train
Test Review Game
What is Lee’s only link to his
 A.
Silver dollar
 B. Pink envelope
 C. Rugged, old hat
 D. Journal entry
This was one of the causes, which
made many people live in cities
near factory jobs.
 A.
Their baseball team won the World
 B. They enjoyed pollution
 C. Industrialization
 D. Farms had been flooded
These people competed with
factory workers for jobs.
 A.
Wealthy architects
 B. Owners of orphanages
 C. Circus performers
 D. Immigrants
This work of literature is nonfiction,
story of someone else’s life.
 A.
Sci-Fi Thriller
 B. Autobiography
 C. Fictional narrative
 D. Biography
True or false: Lee was reunited
with Gerald after World War II.
 A.
 B. False
This man thought all adults
were untrustworthy.
 A.
Charles Brace
 B. Carl Lindon
 C. Lee Nailling
 D. Fabrice Luciano
This boy was raised by the
Rodgers Family.
 A.
 B. Leo
 C. Marcus
 D. Bill
True or false: The Children’s Aid Society
always let biological parents know
where their children were placed.
 A.
 B. False
How many children rode the
orphan train?
 A.
 B. 200,000
 C. 3,300,000
 D. 200
True or false: Every orphan on
the first orphan train had a
home within a week.
 A.
 B. False
The orphan trains were
operating between these years.
 A.
1300 BC – 1600 BC
 B. 1800 – 1850
 C. 1983 – 1998
 D. 1854 - 1930
This man started the Children’s
Aid Society.
 A.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
 B. Charles Brace
 C. Casimir Pulaski
 D. Charlie Chaplin
Lee accidentally harmed
 A.
 B. Pigs
 C. Chicks
 D. Cows
Who would have said the following: “Life has
stunk for me, but now that I live in a home
with my dad, Ben and my mom, Ollie, things
are looking up.”
 A.
 B. Lee
 C. Gerald
 D. Evelyn
Name one possible reason why
Lee’s dad gave up on raising his
 Answers
may vary.
Which of the following did not
contribute to the increased
number of homeless children?
 A.
Drought that destroyed crops
 B. Industrialization
 C. Low wages/ dangerous working
conditions at factory jobs
 D. Lack of government
What did Charles Loring Brace
think of the Western United States?
 A.
It was the most fun region of the
 B. It was a safe place to send orphans.
 C. It had the highest crime rate.
 D. He loved the weather.
True or false: Lee had a bad
 A.
 B. False
Sister Irene put a cradle at the
entrance to this hospital:
 A.
LaGrange Memorial Hospital
 B. Foundling Hospital
 C. Good Samaritan Hospital
 D. New York Hospital
Name three examples of
 Answer
will vary.
Name three details about the
viewing process of orphans.
 Answers
will vary.
More than
rode the orphan trains.
 A.
 B. 467,000
 C. 200,000
 D. 24,000
This is an example of nonfiction
written by you about your life.
 A.
Folk tale
 B. Autobiography
 C. Biography
 D. Personal fictional narrative
Charles Brace’s name for finding
home for orphans was called:
 A.
“Roam then find”
 B. “Outsourcing”
 C. “Placing out”
 D. “Foster finding”
True or false: It was completely
Lee’s fault for getting his
envelope taken away.
 A.
 B. False
Who would have been
supportive of the orphan trains?
 A.
Ben and Ollie Nailling
 B. Charles Loring Brace
 C. Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers
 D. All of the above.
This person made Lee take off
his jacket so that it would stay
 A.
Mother Theresa
 B. The Matron
 C. Lee’s mother
 D. Charles Brace
True or False: Lee’s father taught
him to say a prayer before every
 A.
 B. False
Children were usually given all
of the following except:
 A.
new clothes
 B. a bath
 C. a Bible
 D. pen and paper
True or false: Children were able to
bring keepsakes and important
items with them on the train.
 A.
 B. False
One newspaper compared the
viewing process of orphans to:
 A.
A bull fight
 B. Picking a puppy to take home
 C. The purchase of cattle
 D. A game of ‘Go Fish’
Which of Lee’s brothers joined
up with Lee on the orphan train?
 A.
 B. Ben
 C. Leo
 D. Gerald
True or false: Children under 12
were put to death for stealing
during the 19th century.
 A.
 B. False