Group 1
Zach, Madi, Haley , & Sam
When and where was Harper Lee
born? What was her family like?
• Harper Lee was born in Monroeville, Alabama
in 1926
• She was the youngest of four siblings
• Her father was a well known lawyer in
Alabama, as well as a local state legislature
and he owned part of the newspaper
• Her mother was thought to be bipolar and
rarely left home
Who was her childhood best friend?
• Her best friend throughout her life was future
author , Truman Capote
• Truman was often picked on and called a sissy
for wearing fancy clothes
• They were not that similar in personality
traits, but they both had difficult home lives
What did she study in college? Did she
participate in any extra-curricular activities?
• Originally the young author set out to be a writer but
then decided she wanted to practice law, only to
change her mind once again four years down the
road, back to being the famous author we know
• At her first college she enrolled in (Huntingdon
university) Harper Lee was a member of the literary
honors society and glee club. When she attended
Alabama university she was in a sorority and she
wrote and reported for her school newspaper
Based off the information on the previous slide, why
might this be important to consider while reading “To
Kill a Mocking Bird”?
• Our group believes that her major in law at
Alabama university played a major role in the
book “to kill a mocking bird” because the main
characters fathers profession was a lawyer
(who she’s very close with) which caused the
conflict in the story
How did her decision to move to New York
make To Kill A Mockingbird a reality?
• She met broadways Michael Martin Brown and
his wife who supported her new career
opportunity as a writer
• They granted her with the Christmas present of
support to help through her first year of
publishing and writing
• They also helped her find an agent
• Her agent helped catch the eye of the publishing
firm which became interested in her first great
What year was To Kill A Mockingbird published?
When was it adapted to screen?
• To Kill a Mocking Bird was
published in July of 1960
• In 1962 it became adapted to
Was Harper Lee honored in any way following
the publication of To Kill A Mockingbird?
• 1961- awarded the Pulitzer Prize
• 1962- Horton Foote wrote a screen play, her
novel got nominated for 8 academy awards
and won 4 of them
• 1977- an English illustrated version appeared
in Moscow
• 1987-produced into a play which was
produced in England