The Invasion Of Lebanon
By Mitchell McLaughlin
The War Begins
• June 6 1982 Israel forces invaded Southern
• This was called:
“Operation Peace for Galilee”
• The Israel Defense Forces were directed by
Ariel Sharon, Israel’s Defense Minister
Israel’s Rational
• The PLO did around 200 terrorist attacks to
Israelis on the border and around the world
• The Israeli ambassador to England was
almost shot and killed by PLO Terrorist in
• Soon before the fighting President Reagan
encouraged the Israeli President to avoid
The Israeli Invasion
• The main focus was to drive back
Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)
• Israel wanted to keep the troops 25 miles
away from the Lebanon-Israel border
• Israelis were helped by Lebanese Christian
extremists - Phalangists
The Opposing Force
• The PLO was the main fighting force
against Israelis
• Syrian troops were helping the PLO
• Lebanese Muslim extremists were also
involved against Israel
The Neutral Force
• The Lebanese government stayed neutral
during the entire conflict
• Most of soldiers of the Lebanese army
defected to fight on the Palestinian side of
this conflict
Background Leading Up to the
• Many Palestinians refugees were crossing
into Southern Lebanon
• Tensions were already tense and the
Philangilist fighters (Christians) were
having disputes with increased amount of
PLO Statistics
1500 troops
80 tanks
100 to 200 artillery canons
Most of the tanks and artillery weapons
were immobile and used instead as
‘pill’ boxes
Syria Forces Statistics
• 30,000 troops
• 600 tanks
• 19 Surface to Air missiles (SAMS)
Israeli Statistics
• 78,000 troops
• 1,240 tanks
• 1,500 armored personnel carriers
Neutral Lebanon Army Statistics
• 10,000 troops (after defections from
Lebanon military)
• Most of this army’s equipment was taken by
the defectors
• Israel - 368 killed, 2,383 wounded
• PLO - 1,500 killed (unknown
wounded) 8,000 captured
• Syria - 1,200 killed, 3,000 wounded
plus 296 captured
Casualties Continued…
• Lebanon - 17,825 civilians killed and
nearly 30,000 wounded
• Foreigners - 1800 foreigners and
mercenaries were captured
The Sabra and Shatila Massacres
• Israeli troops guided the Phalangist
into the refugee camp to kill PLO
• The terrorist targets were not there
The Massacres continued…
• What the Phalangist fighters did was kill
800 civilians
• There were only 2 Phalangist casualties
• After inquiry, Ariel Sharon, Israeli Defense
Minister, was found responsible for not
stopping attacks
Conclusion of War
• May 17, 1983 The USA assisted Israel in
making an accord to leave Lebanon and to
begin patrolling the Lebanese border
• War was considered an Israeli victory over
the Palestinians
US Interests in Region
• The US and President Ronald Reagan
wanted to keep peace in this region
• US did not fully agree with Israel’s actions
but still wanted to maintain Israel’s
allegiance to US
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The Invasion Of Lebanon