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“The Party of God”
What led to the creation of
• The Iranian Revolution of 1979
• The Israeli invasion of Southern Lebanon
in 1982.
• Shiites oppression throughout history.
• The support of Iran and Syria.
The Goals of Hezbollah
Complete destruction of the Israeli state.
The return of Palestinian land.
The release of prisoners from Israeli jails.
The creation of an Islamic Republic in
• The end of Western domination and
oppression in the Middle East.
Means Used to Achieve Goals
Guerilla type warfare
Kidnapping soldiers, taking hostages.
Firing rockets, missiles across the border.
Hezbollah believes violence is completely
justified against Israel and that
negotiations are out of consideration.
Israel is an illegitimate state.
Hezbollah and Success
• 1983: Hezbollah bombs US embassy in Beirut.
• 1983: Hezbollah kills 241 US Marines by bombing their
• 1992: Hezbollah bombs Israeli embassy in Argentina.
• 1994: Hezbollah attacks Israeli embassy in London.
• Today: Hezbollah is still at war with Israel on a daily
basis. This past summer’s events are a good example.
• In 2000, Israel withdrew from Southern Lebanon. This
success only further encouraged Hezbollah to keep
moving forward with its tactics.
Hezbollah and Disarmament
• UN Resolution 1559:
• Calls for the withdrawal of all non-Lebanese
forces from Lebanon.
• Calls for the extension of Lebanese
governmental control over all Lebanese territory.
• Problems: Syria, Hezbollah, Civil War?
• Hezbollah is still armed. Many Lebanese do not
view them as an outside force. They are heavily
supported by Shiites in the region.
Quotes from Hassan Nasrallah
• “I am against any reconciliation with Israel”
• “Our policy is clear, we are fighting in an area that is still under
occupation in Lebanon. And beyond that area, we are on the
• “We do not want to kill anyone. We do not want to throw
anyone in the sea. Give the houses back to their owners, the
fields back to their landlords, and the homes back to the
people. Release the prisoners, and leave us alone to live in
this region in security, peace and dignity."
Should the US recognize
• Under any conditions?
• Hezbollah is very well supported in
Lebanon. They have moved to the political
arena as well.
• Terrorist group or defenders of the land?
• Should the US Recognize democratically
elected governments who oppose US
Proposition: The US should support
Israeli efforts to destroy Hezbollah?
Terrorism is a weapon of the weak and
should be used against powerful
repressive states?
Proposition: The spread of democracy
and capitalism will end support for
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