World History Ch. 16: The Age of Imperialism

World History
Ch. 16: The Age of Imperialism
I. Pressures for Expansion
- Imperialism: one country dominates
another ( political, econ., and social
Is America an imperialistic
country today?
Imper. Resulted from 3 Key Factors:
1. Nationalism = competition
2. Industrial Revolution =
need for raw materials
3. Spread Culture =
- religion
- Social Darwinism
3 Forms of Imperialism:
1. Colony = ruled by imperial power
2. Protectorate = own gov. but guided
by officials
3. Sphere of Influence = trading rights
II. The Partition of Africa:
A. How It Started
Before 1800’s: Eur. mainly traded with
coastal West Africa
- Slave Trade
Mid 1800’s: Eur. explorers = reports of
many resources in interior
rubber, cotton, cacao, copper,
gold, ivory
By 1914 = 90% of Afr. controlled
by Europe
B. Effects of Imperialism
Eur. made mines, plantations,
Low wages, long hours, poor living
Repressed Afr. Culture
By the end of 20th century = most of
Africa gained indep.
Do the effects still linger today?
What are some positives and
negatives of European colonialism in
Blood Diamonds:
Blood Diamond Trailer:
Imp. Overview clip: (Graphic)