Wallachian Open Air Museum

Open Air
Rožnov pod
One of the priority areas of the Norwegian
Financial Mechanism is conservation of the
European cultural heritage.
• On February 22, 2007, the EEA Financial Mechanism
Committee and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affair
sapproved realization of the project submitted by the
Wallachian Open-Air Museum in Rožnov pod Radh. With
eligible costs of: 3159 847EUR
• 85% of costs (2 685 870 EUR) will be covered from
contributions of the EEA/Norwegian Financial
• 15% of costs (473 977 EUR) will be covered from
contributions from the Czech Ministry of Culture.
Objective of this project is documentation,
traditional folk culture manifestation
• To meet this objective, there have been specified the
following goals:
• Completion of the exposition areas.
• Gradual increase of number of visitors.
• Increase of attractiveness of expositions by utilization of
new forms
of the collection presentation (active participation of
multimedia presentation...).
• To assure goals of the project, there will be realized
extensive ethnographic researches.
• To assure goals of the project, there will be realized
extensive ethnographic researches.
• To improve quality of care of the collection objects, there
will be built a conservation and restoration workplace
oriented to preservation of timbered buildings and
treatment of the collection objects, which enables their
skilful conservation and reinstallation in both the old and
the new exposition objects.
• In the current buildings, there will be refurbished the
electronic fire-protection and security system, which will
be linked to all the new buildings. In the new rooms of
"Sušák", there will be realized a permanent exposition
named The Little Town under Radhošť Mountain.
The Wallachian Village
• The Wallachian Village will comprise homesteads
transferred from Nový Hrozenkov and Velké Karlovice Jezerné, in which a new exposition of cartage service
will be established. A replica of the Tolerance Protestant
Church from Huslenky will be built according to the
documentation of Dusan Jurkovic of 1892. Using
documentation from the end of the 19th century provided
by the municipality of Velké Karlovice, there will be
realized a construction of the village school. In addition,
area of the Wallachian Village will be complemented with
a collection of buildings comprising a municipal tavern
and a shop with butchery according to the
documentation elaborated on the basis of ethnographical
surveys in the Zděchov municipality.
Homestead of Carter from
Velké Karlovice
Farmstead from Nový
Hrozenkov no. 60
Tavern with grocery from
School from Velké Karlovice Miloňov
Tolerance Protestant Church
from Huslenky
Little Wooden Town
• As for the Little Wooden Town, there will be
accomplished redevelopment of its oldest object
the Vašek's Tavern, which originates from 1628.
The object Janík's Barn will be fitted with the
audio-visual technology for presentation of the
programs utilizing the rich documentation of the
spiritual traditions of the region, especially from
the area of the vernacular culture, folk music,
songs, mythology, ceremonies and customs.
Little Wooden Town
Mill Valley
• In the area of Mill Valley, there will be completed
construction of the farming buildings at the water mill
from the Velké Karlovice village. Homestead from
Trojanovice, campanile and smithy will be constructed as
new objects on the basis of ethnographical research of
the Wallachian museum workers. So-called Live House
exposition will be built up in the replica of barn from
Velké Karlovice. There will be located handicraft
workshop here, which will be equipped with accessories
for training and presentation of the handicraft processing
of natural materials with the traditional techniques. The
groups of visitors will have an occasion to try on some
traditional handicrafts in their own hands.
Residential house from
Smithy from Horní Lideč
Farmstead from Velké
Live house
Campanile from Dolní Bečva
Implementation of a new a conservation
and restoration workplace
Exposition - Townlet under the
Radhost Hill
Educational programmes
• The conseption of educational programmes for children
from kindergardens, primary, grammar schools and other
visitors of the museum was processed in 2009. It dealt
with using all buildings of the museum. The newest
exhibition of The Town under Radhost was opened in
December 2010. The main purpose of this conseption
was the usage of all these places for educational
programmes. Our exhibition is unusual for using the
newest technologies of an informational transmission
with a possibility of interactive teaching. This conseption
has been realizing at the present time.
• This project includes Partnership between the
Wallachian Open-Air Museum and the Norwegian
Institute of the Folk Handicrafts (NHU - Norsk
Handverks-utvikling), which is a part of the Open-Air
Museum Maihaugen.
• This cooperation is oriented to the sphere of the
conservation and presentation of the folk
handicrafts and to the experience exchange in the area
of preservation of collections and objects of the folk
Thank you very much
for your attention.