- Ms. Boylan

• Born on April 3, 1934 in London, England
• Born with prosopagnosia “face blindness”
• Two younger sisters
• Parents- engineer and novelist
• Spent 5 hours in a hen house to see how a hen lays an
• Age 10 wanted to live in
Africa and study animals
• Worked in film studio, secretary,
waitress to save money to travel
to Africa
 April 2, 1957 landed in Africa
 Met mentor/teacher Louis Leakey
 Discovered oldest known human remains
 Theory origin of species in Africa
 1960 -Research on chimpanzees began on shores of
Lake Tanganganyika (Gombe National Park)
1964-Married Hugo van Lawick,
wild life photographer
One child Hugo “Grub” from first
Remarried in 1975- Derek Bryceson,
the Director of National Parks in
Tanzania (Died in 1979 from cancer)
Not vegetarians: first to observe a chimp eating a
bush pig
Only scientist at the time to gain chimpanzees trust by
being patient and sitting for hours among them
Became the first scientist to give names
such as Fifi and Goblin to the chimps
instead of calling them by numbers.
Discovered the ability to use and make tools when
observing a chimp poking plant stems into a
termite mound to get food
Discovered to have complex social structure
(original thinking)
Loving, careful
Peer Relationships
 Gombe National Park in southeastern Africa
 National Geographic articles and TV series
made it popular
 May 1975 rebels from Zaire, Africa,
kidnapped four research assistants from the
research center
 Founded in 1977
 Improve global understanding and
treatment of chimps and preservation of
chimps and their habitats.
 Programs: TACARE (Take Care), Roots &
Shoots, Water and Environmental
Sanitation projects, Health and family issues
 Travels 300 days a year presenting lectures to
students, government officials, communities.
 Visits Gombe National Park twice a year to see her
 “My greatest reason for hope is the spirit and
determination of young people, once they know
what the problems are and have the tools to take
 1965- 8th person to receive doctorate from
Cambridge without having an undergraduate
 1986 founded the Committee for the Conservation
and Care of Chimpanzees
 Set limits on numbers of chimpanzees that could
be used in experiments and improved conditions
Author of several children’s booksThe Chimpanzee Family Book and
With Love
Jane’s Achievements
1991 found Roots & Shoots, a global
environmental and humanitarian education
program for youth
2000-accepted the third Gandhi/King Award
for Non Violence at the United Nations
Received the Gold Medal of Conservation from the San
Diego Zoological Society, the J. Paul Getty Wildlife
Conservation Prize, and the National Geographic Society
Centennial Award
Worked to improve conditions for zoo animals and for
conservation of chimpanzee habitats
Asked to serve as United Nations Messenger of Peace in
2002 and 2007
• http://www.janegoodall.org/
• http://www.achievement.org/autodoc/printmember/g
No chimpanzees were harmed in the
making of the this Powerpoint.