Investor Presentation Presented by Trendolyn Hopkins

“To make humanity, healthy, happy, and
strong one refrigerator at a time, by
providing quality fruit, plant, and non-dairy
beverages to the world.”
Investor Presentation Presented by
Trendolyn Hopkins, Chief Brand Advocate
Company Overview
• Fresh Start's flagship product Banana Wave Banana milk
is currently ready for production and distribution
• Fresh Start's business plan is completed, reviewed
quarterly and ready for implementation
• Fresh Start beverage company was incorporated in Palm
Beach, Florida on March 19, 2013
• 8 employees
The FSBC Team
CEO/CBO - H.E. Neter Kush Ben Alkebulan, 2yrs in beverage industry, A.A.S in bus adm
finishing his b.s. degree in marketing
COO – Juan Brown, 2yr in beverage industry, finishing his B.S. in finance
CTO– Michael Baptiste, 7yrs in social media industry, finishing his B.S. in bus adm
CBA – Trendolyn Hopkins, 2yrs in beverage industry finishing her B.S. in public relations
CCO – Chukwudi Udeh, 3yrs in audio & video production
CLO – Derek Washington, 30yrs in transportation
President – Claudette Patron, 2yrs in bev industry
Board of Directors
Patrick Williams, Louisiana state rep,
Beverly Cooper, Executive in finance, marketing and sales,
Paul a. Toliver, Transportation and Technology executive
Keith Rhodes, Business Development, 30yrs restaurant industry
Advisors Board
Tina Nelson, VP of Sunopta Food & Grains, inc.
Paul Pizzo, Pres of PDF Foods, Inc
Melissa Mcdill, Pres and Creative Director of Mcdill & Associates
Eric Fears, Ceo of Victory Water
Banana wave banana milk is an all natural non dairy beverage made from four superfoods
(bananas, oats, flaxseed, & sunflower seeds), gluten free, lactose free, kosher, vegetartian, &
Banana Wave banana milk contains heart healthy ingredients, sufficient protein and fiber, and
more potassium than most alternative milk beverages
Banana milk is a natural energy booster, which sustains the body longer than caffeine or a sugary
Banana milk contains oats which help to lower cholesterol which in turn can help to create a
healthier heart.
Banana milk is a beverage that contains flaxseed, which can aid in studying, working, and helping
you remain focused
Banana milk also contains non GMO soy beans which give you natural amino acids which are
essential protein building blocks for the body
Banana milk is rich in Omega-3 (DHA) fatty acids which have been shown to have heart-healthy
Banana milk is lactose, gluten and dairy free.
Banana wave will come in 4 varieties: vanilla, chocolate, lite, & organic
shelf life: 12 months
Ancient african recipe: alkebulan created banana milk from recipes pass down from his african
We have conducted banana wave sampling test in & around south florida & our survey's resulted
in 95% positive feedback rating
Bananas alone are a $4bn a year industry by itself
Intellectual Property
• The product name banana wave is trademarked
• Banana milk recipe is kept as a trade secret
• We are in the process of trademarking other banana milk
Market Opportunity
Target market
Health conscious consumers, hispanics, asians, african americans
Hispanic and asian households 120,847,000m
Ages 35-44 with children
Hispanics spend 41% more than the average on banans
Asians 29% more than the average on bananas
Dairy milk
Hispanic and asian households
Ages 35-74 with children
Asians and hispanics spend 13 to 22% more on dairy milk
Non-dairy milk
Non-hispanic whites married w/children ages 35-74
Non-hispanic whites spend 8-27% more on non-dairy milk
They outspend average by 13%
Non-dairy milk industry is a $1.5 billion dollar opportunity its annual growth rate is 5.6%
Our potential growth markets for expansion are china, india, and africa – they will be largest
population of milk drinkers (dairy & non-dairy) in the world
Marketing Strategy
Fresh start's business model is business to business (b2b)
We will market banana wave viaTradeshows, expos, telemarketing, in-store
demos, industry magazines, social media, direct sales, sponsoring sporting
events (soccer 3.5bn fans, cricket 2.5bn, field hockey 2bn, tennis 1bn)
Fresh start will use local distributors and brokers to enter the commercial
market recommended by our co-packer sunopta, our goal is to roll-out
banana wave nationally by June 2015 and internationally by June 2017
We will focus on public schools (palm beach, broward, & miami-dade)
universities (fau, u. of miami, nova and hbcu's) military, governments and
grocery retailer such wholefoods, costco, winn dixie, publix, and krogers
Lactose intolerance and health conscious consumers such as 90% asian
americans (15.5m), 74% native american (30.2m), 70% african-americans
(35.2m), 53% of hispanic americans (27m), 15% of european americans
Competitive Advantage
• 1st Women & Minority owned company to make milk
from bananas and take on the mission of fighting
childhood hunger around the world
• 1st to market to combine 4 superfoods in one greate
tasting beverage
• Banana milk helps people stay full longer, banana milk
contains suffiecient protien and fiber, is heart healthy,
and more potassium than other alternative milks
• Banana are the number 1# selling fruit in the world
• Our direct competitors are silk pure coconut milk, so delicious
coconut milk, rice dream, living harvest hemp milk, flax usa flaxmilk
• Our indirect competitors are silk soymilk, silk almondmilk, and
almond breeze
• Our other start-up competitor is suzies quinoamilk
• Banana wave contains 7 times more potassium than coconut milk
• Banana wave contains 5 times more protein than rice milk
• Banana wave contains 2 times more fiber than flaxmilk
• Our health consumers are willing to pay a premium for superfood
beverages a and 8oz banana wave will retail for $2.69-$2.89 32oz
banana wave will retail for $3.99-$4.29 in line with other alternative
such as hempmilk, quinoamilk and ricemilk.
Threats & Weaknesses
Consumers equate healthy with boring and tasteless
Most people are familiar with the yummy taste of bananas
Grocers charge entry slotting fees for shelf space
We will solve this issue by working with the produce dept which normally
has no slotting fees we will create banana wave displays that showcases
our product next to the bananas
This business is capital intensive so we must have sufficient operating
capital to survive to build a sustainable business we learned that we must
export containers immediately to acquire capital and brand our product
domestically, we will form strategic alliances with the First lady Michelle
Obama's Let's Move initiative for children and public schools
We will also form strategic alliances with the American Heart Association
and the American cancer society
We realize that we do not have the long-term experience in the beverage
industry so we must work closely with our manufacturer and beverage
recruiters to find and attract the best talent. Also we will enroll in bevnet
magazines beverage school to continue to learn the industry ins & outs.
Funding Request
Amount raised and invested $50,000+
Number of shares authorized: 20 million which equals 100%
Price per share: $1.00 or less
25 current investors and women/minorities own 51% of the company
Amount to be raised $750K
Future funding rounds $2m
Total amount to be raised $2.75m in exchange for 30% equity
Valuation is $20m
Start-up cost & investment ($2.75 million)
Phase One (round 1)
Formulation $15,000
Legal/insurance $15,000
Packaging and marketing plan $44,500
Sample inventory $107,100
Shipping/transportation $22,400
Food broker fees $ 10,000
Slotting fees $50,000
Rent $12,000
Computer/office/printing supplies $8,000
Bevnet beverage school $1000
Misc (reimbursement ips, llc) $20,000
Phase Two (round 1)
Start-up inventory $150,000
Payroll $300,000 for 8 employees
Total start-up expenses $750,000
Phase Three (round 2)
Full scale nationwide sales & distribution
Upcoming milestones
After 2yr of blood, sweat, tears our first
banana wave samples were born
Design for packaging will be finished in
We will be showcasing banana wave at
so. Florida farmers market\
Potential large orders from china and
middle east buyers
Meeting with pdf foods, and wholesfoods
in april
Meeting with winn dixie purchasing agents
in may
• Acquisition: PepsiCo, Dean Foods, Coca-Cola's
(Venturing and Emerging Brands Unit a recent example
is Honest Tea being acquired by Coca-Cola.
• Sell Outright: Foreign food companies such China Dairy
Agri Co-ops. A recent example is Cyto Sport (Muscle
Milk) which selling there company for upwards of $500
• Merger/Licensing: Merge or license our products with our
manufacturer SunOpta, Inc.
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