People of the Revolution PPT

Famous People
Of the
American Revolution
King George III
• He was King of England
• He was blamed for passing
laws that taxed the colonists,
although it was really the
British Parliament that passed
the laws.
• He refused to accept the
colonist petitions and requests
which led to colonists no
longer wanting to be under
British rule.
George Washington
• Was a military leader in the
French and Indian War which was
his only military experience before
the Revolutionary War.
• Was named commander-in-chief
of the American Army during the
Revolutionary War. He made
many mistakes in his military
strategy at first, but inspired his
men and kept the army together.
• Was the 1st President of the
United States of America
Benjamin Franklin
One of the Sons of Liberty
A great patriot from
Philadelphia who was widely
respected by Americans and
He was a famous journalist
and scientist and invented
many things
Helped write the Declaration
of Independence
He was sent to France during
the war to get financial and
military help.
He helped negotiate the
treaty that ended the war.
Thomas Jefferson
• He helped set up the Committees
of Correspondence in Virginia to
help keep the colonies informed of
what was happening in the
• He wrote the Declaration of
• After the war he served as an
ambassador to France
• From Virginia
• He was 3rd President of the United
John Adams
• He was from
• He was one of the Sons
of Liberty that planned
the Boston Tea Party
• He helped write the
Declaration of
• He became the 2nd
president of the United
Thomas Paine
• He wrote a pamphlet
called Common Sense
• It explained plainly to
the colonists why they
needed to break away
from British rule.
• His words convinced
many people it was
time to declare war.
Patrick Henry
• He was a great Patriot
from Virginia.
• He was a member of the
Continental Congress and
a passionate speaker.
• He is famous for saying
“Give me liberty or give
me death!”
Marquis de Lafayette
• Young soldier from
France who
volunteered in the
American army
• He was best friends
with George
• Washington said he
loved him like a son
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