The intimately oppressed Chapter 6

The intimately oppressed
Francesca Aviles
Chapter 6
Gabriel Buelna-ChS 245 OL-13063
Preferred figures
 Men seemed to always
take the important
roles in life
 Men were the
explorers,land holders,
merchants, political
leaders, and military
 ( Zinn pg 103)
The forgotten
 Women were the ones
who were initially
invisible in the early
 Hardly had any rights
 Likewise slaves and
slave women had the
double jeopardy
 ( Zinn pg 103)
Women in different societies
 Earlier societies in
America as explained
by Zinn treated women
equally or almost
 Women in the plains
were known to be
healers, herbalist and
advice givers
 Women didn't’t have
the same rights as men
but were treated with
enough respect
 ( Zinn pg. 104)
Year 1619
 In year 1916 woman
were imported as sex
slaves to be sold to
 Also it was when black
slaves firs entered
Virginia as slaves
 ( Zinn pg 104)
 Black woman slaves were
One third of the cargo being
Not only Blacks but free white
Woman were brought as wives
( Zinn pg 105)
Women and mistreatment
 Women were being
put on trial for
rebelling against
these unfair
 A lot of women
were pregnant and
a lot of them lost
their babies
 They were still
accused for being at
Anne Hutchison
 She was taken to trial
for heresy also for
questioning authority
 The day she went to
trail she was sick and
pregnant and was not
allowed to sit
 She left the colony
for Rhode Island,
along with 35 other
 She came across
Indians in Long Island
who thought she was
an enemy and was
 ( Zinn pg 109)
The Revolution
 Woman were brought
out to public affairs
because the war
needed of them
 “Women formed
patriotic groups,
carried out anti-British
actions and wrote
articles for
 This was the
beginning of politics
for woman
 They also
contributed to the
British Tea Tax
 ( Zinn pg 109)
Woman's political rights
 Although women were
a big part of the
Revolution they still
weren't given a spot in
 Even after the
revolution women were
not given the privilege
to vote
 ( Zinn pg 112)
Woman images
 People could not
fathom woman and
politics in the same
 “A woman's job was to
keep the home
cheerful, be a nurse,
cook… a woman should
read too much”
 Woman were not
expected to do
anything a man was to
 “Sexual purity was to
be the special virtue
of a woman”
 ( Zinn pg 112)
Separate but equal
 Woman and men were
given rights but not the
same as men
 Woman could work but
they were stilled
involved in fixed
 Woman could not
determine their own
“Cult of true womanhood”
 Although this was a
new ideology of
giving a woman her
space and jobs it
still wasn’t enough
 “ women could not
vote ,or own
 “… woman were
excluded from
professions of law
and medicine, from
colleges from the
 ( Zinn pg 115)
19th century
 There was a double
view to woman
 Some woman were
still at home or
when needed asked
to work in factories
 On the other hand
there were woman
who pursued for on
 That by 1840
women became
teachers, organizers
and also speakers
 (Zinn pg 117)
Women in politics
 In 1840 they had a
convention that
focused on anti
 Women were
allowed to be part
of this convention
 “Woman eventually
got excluded off
 The women
themselves by
sitting in a silent
protest with support
of William Lloyd
 ( Zinn 122)
 A Declaration of
Principles was signed
 It explained that men
and woman were
created to be equal
 In the 1850’s women
are still being kept in
their “ woman's
Work cited
 Zinn, Howard. A People's History of the
United States: 1492-2001. New York:
HarpersCollins, n.d. Print.
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