Culture- all the things that make up a people’s
entire way of life
Architect Project
Timeline of Brazil’s History
 1888 May 13, Slavery was abolished in Brazil and 4
million slaves were freed.
1889 Nov 15, Brazilian monarchy was overthrown and a
republic was established.
Getulio Vargas was dictator of Brazil from 1930- 1945.
1931 Oct 12, The 98-foot statue of Christ the Redeemer
in Rio de Janeiro was unveiled on the top of Corcovado
Mountain as a Brazilian monument to 100 years of
independence from Portugal.
1964-1985 A military dictatorship ruled over Brazil.
1985 Brazil becomes Democratic.
Diversity In Brazil
 Brazil has a very diverse culture.
 The ethnicity in this culture mainly consists of Native
Americans, Portuguese and Africans.
 In the late 19th and early 20th centuries Italians,
Germans, Spanish, Arab, and Japanese immigrants
settled in Brazil and made a huge importance in the
culture of Brazil.
 The religion of most Brazilians is Catholicism
 Brazil has the largest Catholic population in the world.
 Many other religions have incorporated in the
Brazilian culture such as Spiritism, Buddhism, Islam,
and Judaism.
Statue of Christ The Redeemer
Located in Rio de Janeiro
Literature and the Arts
 Literature from Brazil dates back to the 16th century to
the writings of the first Portuguese explorers in Brazil.
 Styles of music that have been very influential in
Brazil samba, bossa nova, frevo, and many others.
 Within the last 20 years, Brazil had a dramatic increase
in diversity of music.
 Since 1985, Brazil came into music such as hip hop and
was extremely popular and still is to this day.
 Sports have been very popular in Brazil.
 Soccer would have to be the most well known sport in
 The Brazilian national soccer team is very popular
both locally and internationally.
 They have won the FIFA World Cup a record of five
times, in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002.
 Second but not far behind, the Brazilian male
volleyball team has been quite victorious as well.
The Brazilian Congress Building
Inside the Chamber
Inside the Senate
Oscar Niemeyer
Oscar Niemeyer was the architect
behind the whole design for the
congress building.
He was a man who created a lot of
modern art buildings that are still
around today.
Oscar Niemeyer designed a few
other buildings such as the
Zoological Gardens, the University
of Constantine, the Foreign Office,
the Museum of Contemporary Art
in Brazil, and the Alvorada Palace
and Chapel.
Museum of Contemporary Art
Alvorada Palace and Chapel
Is Brazil a Rich or Poor Nation?
Crops grown and exported
 The major commercial crops are coffee.
 Also, citrus fruit, soybeans, wheat, rice, corn,
sugarcane, cocoa, cotton, tobacco, and bananas.
Cattle, pigs, and sheep are the most numerous
livestock, and Brazil is a major beef and poultry
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