The five themes of geography on

The five themes of geography
Brazil is located in the southern and eastern hemisphere. It’s
also in South America. It coordinates are 10 degrees south
and 55 degrees west. The relative location is south of
Colombia and Venezuela and west of Peru. The neighboring
countries are Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina. 
It’s Cool right!
Brazil is located in South America. The people there
mostly speak Portuguese. They will greet you
with hugs and kisses . There is a whopping 184,
101, 109 people in Brazil! There religion is mostly
roman catholic(74%).They have the worlds
second longest river, largest rainforest, and a
huge plateau that leads to one of the worlds
longest coastlines.
Physical Characteristics
Some major landforms in Brazil are the Amazon river,
rainforest’s, and highlands. The climate there is tropical,
subtropical, and equatorial. (But you probably guessed
that because of the rain forest).
Human Characteristics
They have a population of 184,101,109. That’s a lot of
people! There lands used by mostly crops, and forests.
Brazil has lots of imports and exports. Some of the imports of
brazil is drilling equipment, chemicals, and cotton fabrics.
Some of the exports are oil, steel making materials, organic
chemicals, and iron/steel products.
Brazil also has different transportation. Their transportation is
cars, trains, buses, metro systems, and ferry boats. Their
communication is handshaking, playing music, letters, talking,
yelling, and placing cheeks together!! They eat acaraje,
risooies, coxinha, kibe, empadinhas de palmito, and bolinhas
de arroz! Cool huh?
Human Environment Interaction
The environment is tropical and rainy there is beaches
and forests. The humans adapt by wearing
appropriate clothes for the weather. Humans modify
by cutting down trees to make roads to drive.
Humans depend on the environment by gathering
things like things to sell and make stuff. The affects
are animals are getting extinct and the environment
place is getting so dirty.
Extra Extra
Brazil has the most species of monkeys in the world!
Brazil produces the worlds best coffee!
The longest beach in brazil is7500km!
Brazilians love soccer! There team is one of the best!
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