Sand Creek Massacre

By: Andrew Austen, Benton
Duncan, and Sophia Hurley
In the 1850’s, the gold and silver rush in the
Rocky Mountains brought a lot of white settlers to
the mountains to find gold or silver.
 This got in the way of the life the Cheyenne's and
the Arapahos tribes.
 This brought tension to both sides.
 It was led by John M. Chivington.
 700 soldiers attacked.
 500 Cheyenne and Arapahos at Sand Creek.
 120 Indians were killed.
 2/3 of the Indians killed were women and
November 29, 1864
When gold and silver were
a big part of white settlers
The war broke out at dawn.
The war broke out at Ft.
Lyon in the Colorado
It happened because of the silver and
gold rush in the Rocky Mountains and the
settlers were disturbing the tribes way of
speech barrier
 The Indians were told to report to a fort to
give up their weapons.
 If they didn’t that would be considered
 Indians didn’t understand what the
settlers meant so they stayed where they
were which caused the attack to happen.
 It
was a heavy lose of life to the
Cheyenne Indians.
 It disrupted the way of life for the
 A lot of the elders in the tribe were killed
in the battle.
 The Cheyenne developed into a military
society to prevent another attack in the
It caused the Cheyenne to attack the
soldiers at Fort Caspar, Wyoming.
 An investigation was issued because the
soldiers said that they were attacking the
Indians for self defense.
 But witnesses and survivors said
 They said it was a massacre and not an
act of self defense.
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