Peter Pan
By Cassia and Saskia
Where is it set?
• We think that Peter Pan is set in
What historical period is
it set in?
• We think that Peter Pan is set in Victorian
times ; around 1890
The Victorian and Early 1900s
• Poor women in Victorian times had to work to
earn money in case a husband became ill, was
injured or died. This was because otherwise
they would not be able to pay the rent and
would have to work in the dreaded
Early 1900s Fashion
• Children usually wore clothes like pinafores.
• Where as the adults in higher classes would
wear top hats
Who is Peter Pan?
• Peter Pan is a boy about 14 years old. In the
story ,Peter Pan is described as sometimes
‘exceedingly polite ’ but also rather conceit
and ignorant.
• Wendy is one of the main characters in this
story . Wendy is a sweet , tidy and smart child.
• She is about fourteen years old and the oldest
of the Darling children.
• She becomes the mother of the lost boys ,
Peter and her brothers-John and Michael in
• Wendy Moira Angela Darling-she is proud of
her name.
John and Michael
• John and Michael Darling are Wendy’s
younger brothers. John is about ten years old
and Michael is about five years old.
• Nana is the Darling’s finest nurse. She is a
newfoundland dog. She is very much adored
by the Darling family and she herself likes the
children and Mr and Mrs Darling. She will do
her duty well and try her hardest to protect
the children.
• Neverland is a magical land of make-believe .
Wendy’s first encounter of the land was being
shot as she swooped down by one of the lost
Captain Hook
• Captain hook is a ferocious pirate . He
despises Peter Pan as Peter chopped his right
hand off and fed it to a crocodile. He has
replaced it with a hook. Now, the crocodile
follows him where ever he goes, as he seemed
to like the appetising taste of Hook’s hand.
Luckily, the crocodile also swallowed a watch,
which goes ‘tick, tick’, so that whenever the
crocodile approaches him, Hook know he is
Tinker Bell
• Tinker Bell is a feisty little fairy who detests
Wendy . Tinker Bell desperately tries to get
Wendy killed by the lost boys. Unfortunately
for Tinker Bell Wendy lives. Tinker Bell is Peter
Pan’s fairy. But when Peter found out that
Tinker Bell tried to get Wendy killed she was
banished for a week.
About the author
• The author James Mathew Barrie was a
Scottish author and play writer. He was born
in 1860 and died in 1937 he died aged 77.He
was the son of a handloom weaver and lived
in poverty as a child. At the age of 6 his
mother became severely ill.