Reading Elie Wiesel*s Night

Reading Elie Wiesel’s Night
POW: Memoir (noun)
A piece of writing that is based on
a specific time in the author’s life.
Autobiographies tell the story of a
Memoirs tell just a focused piece
of the author’s life.
Today you will meet Elie Wiesel and hear part
of his story…later you will read his memoir.
Taking notes on the interview…
• When the interview ends, please be silent.
• Write about three moments in the interview in which you learned
something you didn’t know or something you had heard was made
• Write at least one question you would have for either Elie Wiesel or a
Holocaust history expert.
Oprah Winfrey described the interview you are
about to see as “the privilege of my lifetime.”
Please do not ask to use the
bathroom during this interview. It
is serious business.
When you have written your reflection on the
• When everyone has had a chance to write, please listen while other
students share their questions or observations.
• When it is your turn, share yours.
Here is my question: Elie Wiesel’s memoir is a true story. I wonder
which of the many fictional films and books about the Holocaust he
thinks is worthy of our time?
Begin reading Night…
• You should be finished reading Chunk #1 by Tuesday.
• Your should also be done with the Chunk #1 Journal Assignment at
the beginning of class on Tuesday.
• Expect a quiz on Chunk #1 – it will be closed book and open journal.
• You will have Friday to read and work on the journal assignment.