Antigone Plot Structure draft 2

Greek Dramas follow a
 The Prologue: The opening scene that sets the tone for
the play.
 The Parodos: The entrance of 12-15 men that make up the
 The Chorus: Sings/Chants background information that
helps the viewer/reader follow the play/story.
 Episodes: The scenes to the play.
 Stasimon: A speech or an ode (a lyric poem) performed
by the chorus that comes after the episode.
 Exodos: When all the actors and Chorus march off the
stage at the end of the play
The Prologue: The Opening Scene in
 The theme is revealed:
Conflict between man’s
law and the Gods.
 Antigone & Ismene
(sisters) talk about Creon’s
edict (an order issued by an
official) that honors one of
their brothers and
condemns the other.
 Antigone intends to defy
the Creon’s edict. Ismene
refuses to help in fear of
the death penalty.
Parodos: The entrance of men who
make up the Chorus.
The Chorus: Gives the viewer/reader background
information on the plot.
 In Antigone, the Chorus
speak about a battle in
which Polynieces &
Eteocles died.
 Polynieces & Eteocles are
brothers who lead
opposite sides of the
Thebes’ civil war.
 Polynieces & Eteocles are
Antigone and Ismene’s
Episodes are the scenes in
a drama…
A modern day drama that
most people have heard
about it….
Antigone: Episode 1
•In Episode 1, Creon, the
new ruler of Thebes, makes
his formal announcement
on how he will rule.
•He declares how Eteocles
will be honored and buried.
Polynieces will be disgraced
and served as food for
animals unfit for humans.
•Creon is informed by a
guard that his edict has
been defied.
Antigone: First Stasimon
(Speech/Ode by the chorus)
 The Chorus
sings/tells the
audience about the
wonders and
power of men.
 Power that can be
used for good or
 Men that are
lawless must be
Antigone: Episode 2
 The Guard reveals that Antigone
buried Polynieces’ body.
 Creon confronts Antigone and she
argues that she was following
divine law (law of the Gods) which
is superior to the law of men.
 Creon suspects that Ismene
helped her. Ismene falsely
confesses to the crime but
Antigone criticizes her for trying
 It is revealed that Antigone is
engaged to Haemon (Creon’s
 Both women are arrested.
Antigone: Second Stasimon
The Chorus sings about
the curse that follows the
house of Labdacidae
(house of King Oedipus,
the father of Antigone,
Ismene, Eteocles, &
The Chorus explains that
the curse follows each
The chorus warns that
human error is always
met with divine
punishment & retribution.
Antigone: Episode 3
 Haemon (Antigone’s fiance)
argues with his father
Creon’s decision to punish
 Creon decides to ignore his
son’s pleas & threatens to
kill Antigone.
 Haemon leaves vowing to
never return.
 Creon announces that
Antigone will be deserted
with little food so she can
die without the blood being
on his hands.
Antigone: Third Stasimon
 The Chorus speaks
about the love and
its power over
 Love conquers all.
Antigone: Episode 4
 Creon decides to spare
Ismene & condemns
Antigone to death.
 Antigone continues to
defend her actions.
 Antigone is led to her
Antigone: Fourth Stasimon
 The Chorus says an
ode (speech) about
men who have
faced great
Antigone: Episode 5
 Teiresias, the blind
prophet, tells Creon that
the Gods and the public
side with Antigone and
that Creon should back
 Creon accuses Teiresias of
being bribed.
 Teiresias leaves Creon with
a prophecy (death of his
Antigone: Fifth Stasimon
 The Chorus sings
an ode to Bacchus
hoping he will save
the city of Thebes
from its present
Antigone: Exodos
 A messenger reveals that
Antigone and Haemon are
 Eurydice (Haemon’s
mother/Creon’s wife) takes
her own life after she
learns that her son is dead.
 Creon, broken hearted
wanders away.
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