Augustan and Restoration

•An 18th Century movement
which followed after the
mysticism, religion and
superstition of the middle ages.
•The neoclassical age came after the
Renaissance period.
•The writing in the Neoclassical Age
was influenced by Sophocles.
Satire is a
literary form of
Satire is mostly
sarcastic and
Jonathan Swift
•The literature of the 18th Century is political.
• This time was also called the Age of Scandal, because the novels contained
crimes and vices of the world.
•The features of novels and poems are characterised by the development of poetry and
the rise of the novel.
•The development of poetry – showed irony, satire and meditation.
•This led to a breach in the metaphysical tradition.
Relation to Nature – the Augustan writers followed nature and its laws.
Ideals of Harmony – represented a way of life which was crucial in relation to the Age of
Ideals of Beauty – this was a representation of the idea of perfection and simplicity
which was based on the neoclassical idea.
Ideals of Order – this represented stability and balance.
•Jonathan Swift (born 30 November 1667) was an Irish satirist, as well as a political pamphleteer.
•Swift was an important person in the political life of London – until he was dropped and exiled back
to Ireland.
•Swift’s most famous novels ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ was published after Swift was dropped and exiled.