An Overview
Historical Perspective
History of Medicine:
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Ancient Greek Medicine
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Key Figures
Hippocrates and Galen
(460 BCE –370 BCE)
(Cast in the Puskin Museum, Moscow)
Shakko / CC-BY-SA-3.0
About Hippocrates
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The Island of Kos (yellow)
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Hippocrates (left) with Asklepios (right) at Kos (Mosaic in Kos
Tedmek / CC-BY-SA-3.0
Hippocrates Practicing Medicine
Tedmek / CC-BY-SA-3.0
Hippocrates on a Coin from
Kos (Representation)
Ernst Wallis et al / Public Domain
Hippocrates: Later Representations
14th Century Byzantine Fresco
17th Century Engraving (Rubens)
Public Domain
Illustrated Aphorisms of Hippocrates (14th Century)
(129 CE-200/216 cE)
(17th century engraving of Galen at the Anatomical
Theater, Bologna)
Luca Borghi / Public Domain
About Galen
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Galen and Hippocrates
(Anagni, Italy)
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Hippocratic Medicine
 Hippocratic
 Oath and Prayer of Maimonides:
Hippocratic Oath: Greek and Latin Diglot (left) Cross-Shaped
Manuscript (right)
Public Domain
Public Domain
The Humors
 Humoralism:
 The Four Humors:
The Four Humors
Hippocratic Device Used for Resetting Dislocated
Shoulder (16th century)