EA 3.1 Skeleton EA 3.1 Skeleton


Embedded Assessment 3.1


Introduction • Explain what this assignment is and describe its purpose and usefulness to you in the future.

Historical Context of To Kill a Mockingbird • This novel is set in 1930s Alabama. Detail here what events in American history are significant to that region of the country at that time.

– Hint: SpringBoard Book (page 192)

Cultural Context of To Kill a Mockingbird • Describe the lifestyle of the 1930s American South.

Social Context of To Kill a Mockingbird • Describe the social rules of the American South during the 1930s.

– Who could speak with whom?

– Who could not socialize together?

– Who had money? Who didn’t? Why?

Geographical Context of To Kill a Mockingbird • Describe the setting of Alabama.

– Is it flat or mountainous?

– Urban or rural?

– What is its weather like?

Spotlight: [Person, Group, or Event – one per group member] • Provide a snapshot of your spotlighted person, group, or event.

– Give basic details and information

Spotlight: [Person, Group, or Event]

• Detail your spotlight’s contribution to the Civil Rights Movement

Spotlight: [Person, Group, or Event]

• Explain how your spotlight’s effect(s) on the Civil Rights Movement

Annotated Bibliography

• [Citation] – Four-sentence annotation (two sentences summarizing, one sentence describing the source’s usefulness, and one sentence describing where the source comes from and what type of source it is.)