Ana*s Story A Journey of Hope

By: Jenna Bush
Ana’s Story is about a 17 year old girl with HIV, who
lost her mother at 3 to AIDS. Ana went from home
to home and had a life full of secrets and dull
memories. Growing up she is force to deal with
abuse, trying to protect herself and younger sister.
She never trusted anyone until she meets Berto
whom leads her to new beginnings and hope.
Jenna Bush is the daughter of President George W.
Bush and Laura Bush. She graduated from the
University of Texas with a degree in English. Jenna
was then an elementary school teacher in
Washington D.C. After she stopped teaching there
she became invested with UNICEF. UNICEF
means United Nations Children’s Fund. She
traveled throughout Latin America and the
Caribbean documenting the lives of children in
 Ana- Main character, a 17 year old girl, HIV positive,
lost her mother to AIDS at age 3, sexually abused by
her grandfather, does not trust anyone.
Isabel- Ana’s younger sister by 2 years, abused by
grandfather after Ana stands up for herself.
Ernesto- Grandfather who abused Ana and Isabel and
was the cause of most of their problems growing up.
Berto- A boy whom Ana falls in love with and has a
daughter with but they end up splitting after the child
is born.
Beatriz- Ana and Berto’s daughter who is not HIV
A major conflict in Ana’s Story, is an internal
conflict (man versus self). Ana is forced to deal
with her mother’s death, having HIV, moving
home to home, being sexually abused and also
having nobody to trust or talk to.
Literary Techniques:
 Foreshadowing- Ana’s mother dying from AIDS is
the hint that Ana has a struggling life because she
has HIV.
 Symbolism- The one picture Ana has of her
mother symbolizes that Ana wished she had time
to get to know her.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes
to read nonfiction books. This book is an eye
opening book to the other side that most people
do not know about. It describes the struggle
people have to go through when they are brought
up in a tough way of life. For example, Ana is
abused her whole life, has HIV, lost her mother at
3 and doesn’t have a stable home. Now a days most
children never expect to go through this so I would
recommend this book as an eye opener to what
goes on in the real world.