The Hebrews and Judaism Shorter

A shepherd named Abraham was named by GOD
to be the father of the Hebrew people (around
1800 B.C).
Abraham lived in Mesopotamia in a city-state
called Ur. God told Abraham to leave
Settled in the land of Canaan. (Israel)
Abraham’s son, Isaac, is of the line that
eventually became the Jews.
Isaac’s son Jacob (also known as Israel) had
twelve sons. Ten of these sons and two
grandsons were the fathers of the 12 tribes of
During a famine in Canaan, the starving
Canaanites went to Egypt, where Joseph (a
descendent of Abraham) was a top advisor to
the Pharaoh. The Canaanites lived in peace in
Egypt for several generations.
After a new Pharaoh came to power, the Jews
were forced into slavery.
GOD commanded Moses to lead the Israelites
out of Egypt. This became known as the
The Israelites wandered the desert for 40
In the wandering Moses climbed Mt. Sinai and
received the Ten Commandments from GOD.
During the war with the Philistines( around 1000
B.C.), A shepherd boy named David was chosen
to fight the greatest Philistine warrior Goliath.
David killed the Philistine with a sling and a
After the death of Saul, Samuel named David the
second King of Israel. David’s army won control
of Jerusalem and made the city his capital.
David was a great military leader, helped to grow
the Israeli economy and was a fine poet and
His writings and works can be found in the book
of Psalms.
David chose his son, Solomon to become the
third King of Israel (around 962 B.C.).
Solomon helped grow the Israeli economy
through more trade and taxes.
This economic growth helped to finance
Solomon’s overseeing the building of the first
Temple in Jerusalem.
Solomon died around 922 B.C.
After Solomon’s death, his son Rehoboam
took over as king.
Ten of the northern tribes rebelled against
the high taxes of the king and Israel split into
two kingdoms.
The split in the original kingdom left both the
Israelis and Judeans vulnerable for attack.
The Assyrians attacked the Northern Kingdom
of Israel and defeated their weak army .
The Babylonians, under King
Nebuchadnezzar, attack the Judeans and took
Jerusalem and destroyed Solomon’s Temple
(around 586 B.C.).
Many of the residents of Jerusalem were
forced into slavery of exile.
The Persians defeated the Babylonians and
their leader Cyrus had a policy of toleration.
The Judeans were freed from exile and slavery
and allowed to return to Jerusalem.
The Jews begin rebuilding the Temple and the
second Temple was finished around 445 B.C.
In 63 B.C. the Romans conquered Judah.
The Romans allowed the Jews to have Jewish
leaders, but all leaders were selected and
approved by Rome.
After several attempted rebellions, Titus, who
was in charge of the Roman forces in that area,
stormed Jerusalem and destroyed the second
The Jews were again exiled around 70 A.D.
This was known as “Diaspora”, the Greek word
for scattered.
After this, there was no Jewish state until 1948
Judaism is a Monotheistic (there is only one
The holy book is the Tanak
The Torah is the first five books of Genesis,
Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and
They have a written law code called the Ten
The founder of Judaism is considered to be
You need to create an illustrated timeline of
Judaism and the Hebrew people.
This is to include items from Abraham to the
founding of the new nation of Israel in 1948.
You may use this PowerPoint, your textbook,
the internet or any other references you need
to complete the assignment.
These are due Friday and you will present
them during class.