Claudia Cattani Member of the Board of Statuary Auditors Ferrovie

Claudia Cattani
Member of the Board of Statuary Auditors
Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group
Awarded a Degree in Economics and Banking in 1979,
with a mark of 110/110 cum laude.
In 1997 and in 2003, completed Specialisation Courses
in Globalisation and the Management of International
Clientèle at the Kelloggs Managment School in Chicago
and at the IMD Business School in Lausanne.
Professional Appointments:
Statutory Auditor for the Ernst & Whinney company (from 1980 to 1983).
Manager, Senior Manager (1986) and Director (1991) of Deloitte.
Managing Director of Deloitte, with responsibility for services rendered to clients in
Central/Southern Italy and the Islands(from 1992 to date).
Senior Partner of the Studio Tributario e Societario group (corporate law firm) associated with
the international Deloitte network (from 1997 to date).
National coordinator in financial and corporate affairs of the Public sector specialist group and
of the Aviation and Transport services specialist group for Deloitte (from 2003 to date).
Assistant Professor at the Link Campus University in Rome (since 2010).
President of AS Roma S.p.A. (listed company); Ligestra S.p.A. (Fintecna Group);
Aviapartner S.p.A.; Bridgestone Italia S.p.A.; Kerry Holding (Kerry Group); Smith Medical
Italy S.r.l.; United Parcel Service Italia and UPS SCS (UPS Group) (current appointments).
Active member in Invitalia Attività Produttive S.p.A. (Invitalia Group); Borgo di Perolla
S.r.l.; Fondiaria Lasa S.p.A. (Italpetroli Group); Chemptura Italia S.r.l. and ISEM
S.r.l.(Chemptura Group – chemical sector); Roselectra S.p.A. (GDF – Suez Group, energy
sector) (current appointments).
Other Activities:
Member of the Institutional Commission on Equal Opportunities at the ODCEC association
in Rome (professional association of certified public accountants, auditors and advisors),