Training Camp Summer 2014 Campus Grythyttan & Loka Brunn

Training Camp Summer 2014
Campus Grythyttan & Loka Brunn
We meet at Campus Grythyttan for some coffee. Than we will have information, start
training och prepare for dinner. We will train ourselves in theory, tastings and crafts.
The focus is “training by sharing is caring”. In the price all meals and stay over at
Loka Brunn is included.
Day 1, Saturday 6 September
13.00 The Gathering
13.15 Info International Diploma
14.00 Hard Core Decanting
15.00 Power coffee break
15.30 How to become a better taster Pontus Jennerholm Master of Wine Student
Three special tastings
18.00 How to saber a bottle of champagne. Theory with craft! Henrik Scander PHD-Student
Mini competition best champagne waitering
Dinner “we make together”
Day 2, Sunday 7 September
8.00 Breakfast
9.00 Coffee training med Johan & Nyström kafferosteri
10.15 Power break
10.30 Final touch
12.00 Finish
2000 sek. Medlem i svenska sommelierföreningen.
3000 sek. Members of other ASI-association.
4000 sek. If not member of ASI.
BankGiro 404-1638 Mark your name and training camp.
Bring your sommelier outfit.
Any questions
Telefon 070-7881160