The Word Of God On This Subject
Psalms 51:6
A creditor always wants to be in position of authority. Therefore,
they want as much information hidden from you as possible.
Proverbs 3:13
Happy is the man that findeth wisdom.
You can be happy when you know you’re protected.
Proverbs 17:24
Wisdom before him with understanding.
John 8:33
Free from bondage. Never in bondage to any man.
Frivolous lawsuits are filed everyday. One could
strike you anywhere at anytime.
Business owners, Medical Professionals, Officer
of a Corporation, Real Estate Owners [home
owners], Owners of other assets: If you have
any assets you need asset protection!
Don't leave yourself unprotected, risking your
family's financial future. When it comes to asset
protection, there are no cookie-cutter solutions.
Whether you are protecting real estate, business
assets, securities, or cash, we can analyze your
situation and recommend a plan to help you
become financially protected.
Don't leave yourself unprotected any longer.
Maximum Asset Protection and Financial
Listed below is a method used to protect your
Incorporation in Tax-Free Wyoming: This is
Asset Protection & Financial Privacy Without
Leaving the Country. Legally – Quickly –
Conveniently – Inexpensively - Anonymously
Offshore Corporations: This gives you Maximum
Asset Protection & Financial Privacy.
Legally – Affordably – Anonymously - Quickly
Gained from years of experience, our forte is
knowing the right strategies to use. Through the use
of these two entities separately and together, you
can be assured Maximum Asset Protection .
Key: Gain an understanding of how you can protect
your families' assets from those that may try to take
them from you.
How do we do this. It is through
Incorporation. Find out Why, and specifically a
Wyoming Corporation!
Why Incorporate?
Without asset protection, you could suddenly
lose everything you've worked so hard for!
You know we live in a “litigious society” but do
you know what that means for you?
•Nine out of ten lawsuits in the world are filed in the
United States.
•A new lawsuit is filed every thirty seconds.
•If you own a business or practice a profession you
have one-in-three chance of being named a
defendant in a lawsuit within the next year.
Any of the following events can leave you penniless
and in debt.
•A negligence or injury claim
•Breach of contract through no fault of your own
•A professional malpractice suit
•Lawsuits from disgruntled business partners or
•Large fines for violating state or federal law due
to the actions of an employee
•Claims from creditors should your business fail
•Catastrophic medical bills
•Seizure of your home or other assets without due
process by the U.S. Customs or other
government agencies with forfeiture power
•A large tax bill and escalating penalties following
an IRS audit
•Without a corporation, most of your estate could
go to the government, not to your heirs.
Because a corporation has a life of its own, a
carefully designed corporate strategy allows you
to care for your loved ones free from probate
and other legal and tax problems.
The best asset protection is to incorporate.
Why a Wyoming Corporation?
Wyoming is one of the only states that does not
share confidential information about its
corporations with the Internal Revenue Service.
Business-friendly Wyoming is Tax Havens for
Companies and Individuals
•No corporate income tax
•No gross receipts tax
•No tax on issuance of corporate shares
•No stock sale or transfer tax
•No inventory tax
•No franchise tax
•No capitol stock tax
•No succession tax
•No stamp tax
•No gift tax
•No inheritance tax
•No estate tax
•No personal state, city or county income taxes
•Lower property taxes than most states
You Can Be Completely Anonymous
Wyoming still believes in the independence of the
old west. The people of Wyoming believe in a
small government that does not meddle in the
business of its citizens, and that includes its
corporate citizens. Many other states now allow
lawsuits to “pierce the corporate veil” and enforce
personal liability for the debts and actions of the
corporation on its officers and directors. Wyoming
law clearly makes the actions of a corporation's
representatives exempt from personal
responsibility, except in cases of outright fraud.
In Wyoming, a corporation is required to list only
the names and addresses of its president,
secretary, treasurer and director(s) with the
Secretary of State. All of these positions may be
held by one person. The Asset Protection Plan
can provide a nominee to fill all of these
positions, ensuring your complete privacy. The
names and addresses of any vice presidents
need not be listed.
Wyoming does not require stockholders to
register with the state. Because of this, you
can own all the shares in the Corporation
maintain complete control of operations and
designate representatives as your officers and
directors. Your identity will be kept completely
Wyoming is one of the Only States Which Allow
the Use of Bearer Shares for Privacy of
Wyoming is one of the only states that permit
corporations to issue Bearer Shares. Bearer
Shares are a form of stock that is best suited to
guarantee the owner's anonymity. The stock
certificate is issued to the Bearer and may be
redeemed by anyone who has it in his or her
possession, just like cash. The person who has
possession of the Bearer Shares of a corporation is
legally the owner of the corporation. This makes it
nearly impossible for anyone to track down the
ownership of your corporation. This is why it is not
recommended for you to use an existing
Corporation you are utilizing for business purposes
to protect your assets.
Use your Wyoming Corporation to Lower Your
If you have a corporation in your home state and a
corporation in Wyoming, you can use a perfectly
legal strategy to cut your taxes. Have your
Wyoming corporation(s) sell services, such as
advertising, marketing, or consulting to your home
corporation. Properly done, the sale of services will
absorb the profits of the home corporation. With no
profits, the home corporation will owe no tax in the
home state. The Wyoming Corporation shows the
profits, but owes no taxes in tax-free Wyoming.
Additional Advantages of Incorporating in
•No minimum start-up capitol required
•No annual reports necessary
•Shareholders and directors need not be residents of Wyoming (or
even U.S. citizens) and do not need to come to Wyoming to form the
•Wyoming have some of the lowest incorporating costs in the United
•No need to list the assets of the corporation
•A Wyoming corporation can own property in any state without having
to be incorporated in that state
•One-person corporations permitted
•Director and shareholder meetings may be held anywhere in the
•No delay - a Wyoming corporation can be formed in twenty-four hours
Why Take a Chance On Losing Everything You
Under the U.S. legal system, the deck is stacked in
favor of the plaintiff and against the defendant. This
is the reason so many lawyers specialized in
contingency fee lawsuits in which they are paid a
percentage of whatever they win for their clients.
This encourages the filing of spurious lawsuits.
Because a new lawsuit is filed every thirty seconds,
the average business owner or professional person
stands a chance of being sued several times in his
or her lifetime. Under the current system, any suit,
no matter how apparently worthless, can result in a
ruinous judgment. Remember the woman who was
awarded $2.3 million after she spilled hot coffee on
Once a lawsuit has been filed, the law will not
allow you to move your assets. You must act
ahead of time to protect what you own before it
comes under attack.