Creating a Life that Matter
Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, Mark Thompson
Existence of the Book
In 1994, Jerry Porras and Jim Collins wrote Built to Last, an instant classic that
captured "Successful Habits of Visionary Companies" using significant research
about corporations that had remained industry leaders over the long haul.
A couple years later, Porras got together with authors Stewart Emery and Mark
Thompson to begin doing similar research into people that were successful and
had maintained their success for long periods. Ten years later their research has
produced Success Built to Last: Creating a Life that Matters, an attempt to
scientifically pinpoint the building blocks to success.
Their research included over 200 interviews with highly-successful people,
from well-known leaders in business, politics, and the arts to scientists,
schoolteachers, and doctors who've lead more quietly in their areas of expertise.
Reference in the book
The list of people they managed to
track down and sit down with is
amazing. Included among their
interview subjects were Maya
Angelou, Bono, Richard Branson,
Warren Buffett, Jimmy Carter, Bill
Clinton, The Dalai Lama, Michael
Dell, Peter Drucker, Rudy Giuliani,
Bill Gates, Andy Grove, Steve Jobs,
Quincy Jones, Yo-Yo Ma, Nelson
Mandela, Condoleezza Rice and
Jack Welch.
Left Out the book
Those are just the ones who made it
into the book. Interviewed, but left
out of direct reference, were
Madeleine Albright, Lance
Armstrong, Bob Dole, Wayne Dyer,
Larry Ellison, Newt Gingrich, Peter
Jennings, Guy Kawasaki, Phil
Knight, Joe Lieberman, George
Soros, Gloria Steinem, Desmond
Tutu, Barbara Walters, many
About the Authors
Jerry Porras co-wrote the global bestseller Built to Last. He is Stanford Graduate
School of Business Lane Professor of Organizational Behavior and Change,
Mark Thompson captured the insightful stories that formed the foundation for
Success Built to Last from hundreds of personal interviews with enduringly
successful people. He is a veteran entrepreneur, executive coach and former
executive producer of Forbes Magazine listed him as one of
America's top venture investors with the "Midas" touch
Stewart Emery has coached 12,000 people over 30 years. Recognized as one of
the fathers the Human Potential Movement, his bestsellers include
Actualizations: You Don't Have to Rehearse to Be Yourself and The Owner's
Manual for Your Life
Jerry Porras
Stewart Emery
Mark Thompson
*The Mandela Effect*
From built to last to success built to last
* not just starting a business, but making it successful*
Success Built to Last — Creating a Life that Matters provides practical wisdom
drawn from the stories of hundreds of the world’s most remarkable and
enduringly successful people who the authors actually interviewed. This is a
book that will make a difference.
There are 3 major sections in book:
* Meaning
From Great to LastingRedefining Success
1. Why high achievers don’t tell you about success and survival you really need
to know.
* gild the lily- try to it the struggle pretty*
* perception – they had it figured out from the start*
* keeping the dream going will be the hardest thing you will ever face*
* this is so you don’t give up*
How success can betray you.
* the dictionary meaning of success*
* achieving something that was attempted*
* says nothing about finding meaning, fulfillment, happiness, lasting
Part 1 ( Meaning) how successful
people stay successful
2. Love it or Lose it -Passions and the Quest for Meaning
* You are not safe in that safe job*
* Why it’s dangerous to not do what you love*
3. Portfolio of Passions—It's Not About Balance
* Power of peripheral thinking*
* Being in the zone*
* Why Google pay to play on the job*
4. Why Successful People Stay Successful—Integrity to Meaning
* Don’t treat passion like trivia pursuit*
* Practice integrity to what matters to you*
Part II: Thought Styles—Extreme
Makeovers Start in Your Head
5. The Silent Scream—Why It's Do Damn Hard to Do What Matters
* When it’s not considered a worthy career*
* The allure of bright shiny objects*
6. The Cause Has Charisma—You Don't Have to Be Charismatic to Be
* Decolonizing your mind*
* When the cause has charisma*
* Why self- esteem is highly overrated*
7. The Tripping Point—Always Make New Mistakes
* Positive thinking can hurt you*
* How to harvest failure*
Thought Styles—Cont.
8 .Wounds to Wisdom—Trusting Your Weaknesses and Using Your core
* You can’t have it all until you use all you have*
* Finding greatness at the intersection of pain & Passion
* Beyond Blame- creating a future that matters*
Part III: Action Styles—Turning
Passion into Action
9. Earning Your Luck—Preparing for Serendipity by Using Big Hairy
Audacious Goals
* Why you have to earn your luck*
* Bold risk measured in small steps*
10. Naked Conversations—Harvesting Contention
* Enduringly successful people seek it out*
* Turning your next fight into a feast*
* Don’t be right- be effective*
11. Creating Alignment—The Environment Always Wins
* Anything worth doing can’t be done alone*
* Don’t believe in words- believe in behaviors*
Overall purpose
*Inspire and motivate future builders*
*Listen to your silent scream*
*Become excellent at something you love*
*Because time is limited, so waste it living someone else’s life*