Study Guide: Test 1

Study Guide: Test 1
Write down the ones you do not know and study
them tonight!
What is the theme, or central idea, of “Through
the Tunnel”?
an individual’s struggle to
achieve difficult goals
Which of the following quotations from the
story best illustrates Jerry’s internal conflict?
“All night the boy dreamed of the waterfilled
cave in the rock, and as soon as breakfast was
over he went to the bay.”
Jerry’s mother feels that it is important to
allow Jerry some
What feelings motivate Jerry’s resolution to
swim through the tunnel?
shame at his childishness
and fear
An action that demonstrates Jerry’s internal
conflict is
obeying his mother’s
request that he not swim
for the day.
Jerry’s preparations to swim the tunnel are
determined and planned
Before Jerry gets up the nerve to swim the
tunnel, he
trains himself to hold his
breath for two minutes
At the end of the story, Jerry feels
. excited and proud.
By the end of the story, Jerry has lost interest in
the cave because he
knows he has attained his
Two symbols from “Through the Tunnel” and
what they stand for are:
The safe beach = youth
The wild bay = adulthood
At the end of Act One, the hero commits to
leaving the Ordinary World and entering a new
region or condition with unfamiliar rules and
Crossing the Threshold
The hero is tested and sorts out allegiances in
the Special World.
Tests, Allies, and Enemies
. The hero returns home or continues the
journey, bearing some element of the treasure
that has the power to transform the world as
the hero has been transformed.
Return with the Elixir
The hero takes possession of the treasure won
by facing death. There may be danger of losing
the treasure again.
The Reward
Something shakes up the situation, either from
external pressures or from something rising up
from deep within, so the hero must face the
beginning of change.
The Call to Adventure
The hero feels the fear of the unknown and
tries to turn away from the adventure, however
Refusal of the Call
The hero comes across a seasoned traveler of
the worlds who gives him training, equipment,
or advice.
Meeting with the Mentor
Sara went to pick up some groceries for Tom
and _________.
When Jessica spoke with Tina and ________,
she mentioned that she would be late to the
Greek heroes were often:
Old English heroes were part of a:
Warrior Culture
Renaissance heroes were the:
Universal Human
Romantic Heroes were:
Early American Heroes were:
Plot Diagram – Exposition:
Main Characters: Mom and Jerry
Setting: A beach in the past
Jerry is trying to gain independence.
Plot diagram – Rising Action:
Jerry practices holding his
Plot diagram – Climax:
Jerry swims through the
Plot diagram – falling action:
Jerry goes back to the villa
to dry his tears and wipe
the blood away
Plot diagram – Resolution:
Jerry tells his mom that he
no longer wants to go to
the bay
Homer was a
Blind Greek poet
What is a minstrel?
Someone who travels and
tells stories to make a
What was “oral tradition”?
Passing stories down
verbally from generation
to generation (these
stories are not written)
Why is it important for us to understand Greek
It helps us understand the
characters’ motives
What is reciprocity?
A mutual exchange
between two people
What is the foremost rule of ancient Greek
Treat all guests with
The ancient Greeks believed that their actions
Please the gods
What is hubris?
Extreme arrogance or self
pride. It is the fatal flaw of
many Greek characters
An epic is a long narrative ________
Epic poems address what types of concerns?
Epic poems focus on the adventures of what
types of heroes?
Legendary or historical
Where is the setting of an epic poem?
In MANY different
The story is ___________ and written in a
_________ language.
Simple; formal
What is a classical allusion?
A reference to mythology
What is an epithet?
A short descriptive phrase
that characterizes a
person, place, or thing
What two types of things does a Homeric
simile compare?
Epic events to everyday
The epic that precedes the Odyssey is the
What does “squall” mean?
A sudden violent wind
often with rain or snow
What are exploits?
Notable deeds (especially
for heroism)
What does clambered mean?
To climb awkwardly
What does stalwart mean?
Strong and brave
What does squalid mean?
Foul and repulsive, as
from a lack of care or
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