Community America Credit Union

The Credit Union
 Eligibility
 Advantages
 Products & Services
Membership—Who can
 Live or work in select counties
 MO – Clay, Jackson, Platte, St. Charles
 KS – Douglas, Johnson, Jefferson, Leavenworth, Miami,
Shawnee, Wyandotte
 Select Employee Groups
 Family Eligibility
Credit Union Advantages
We start where banking stops!
 Not for Profit, Member-Owned
 Ownership Participation Dividend
 Governed by Volunteer Board of
 Lower fees, lower loan rates, higher
deposit rates
Products & Services
Full-Service Financial Institution
Money Markets
Financial Coaching
Financial Planning Services
 32 Branches (KC Metro, St. Louis, Topeka)
 28,000 ATMs Nationwide—surcharge free
 Online Banking, Mobile Banking
CACU Mortgage Differences
 Pricing Advantages
 Product Advantages
 “Blitz” Product
CACU Mortgage Pricing Advantages
- #1
• 90 Day Lock N Shop Program
• Lock your rate for 90 days while you
shop for a home!
• Do not need a property address to
• Free .125 rate float down within 30
days of closing.
CACU Mortgage Pricing Advantages
- #2
• Extended Lock Programs
– Lock today’s rate for 6 months for .75 in
– Lock today’s rate for 7 months for 1.00
in price.
– Free float down up to .125 in rate within
30 days of closing.
– Lower PMI than commercial banks –
examples will be provided.
CACU Mortgage Product Advantages
• Combo Loans
– 80/15/5 up to $417K total loan amount; 80/10/10 up
to sales price of $950K
• Jumbo Loans
– Add .75 to conforming rates. Also have the ability to
do a 80/10/10 combo up to $950K.
• Bridge Loans
– Allows you to purchase new home without selling
• MHDC Loans
– No down payment program for Missouri properties
CACU Mortgage Product Advantages,
• Bi-Weekly Payments
• “Blitz Program”
– New program designed to accommodate
the “rush” purchase. Big banks are not set
up to easily accommodate a purchase
transaction to close within as little as 7
days, but we have set up a new process
that will allow for these “rushes”