Working with the
advisory panels and
October 2012
• Central Government legislation established advisory
panels for the following population groups:
– Maori
– Pacific
– Ethnic
• Mayor announced additional panels for
Disability communities
Business groups
Rural communities
Pacific and Ethnic Advisory
• Advisory panels role is to communicate community
issues to council in relation to
– council strategies, policies, plans, bylaws
– matters of interest/concern to pacific/ethnic communities
– how best to engage with pacific/ethnic communities
• While scope is potentially wide, the panels are
focussed towards region-wide, strategic issues
Key points and contacts
• Statutory advisory panels – not a formal
committee, but supported by Council
• Members – pan Pacific/Ethnic views; not
• Key points of contact – Community and Cultural
Strategy & Democracy Services
Advisory panel/forum
Key organisational link
Independent Maori Statutory Board
Johnny Freeland
Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel
Raewyn Stone
Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel
Raewyn Stone
Youth Advisory Panel
Louise Mason
Business Forum
Harvey Brooks
Rural Forum
Ree Anderson
Social Policy Forum
Raewyn Stone/ Louise Mason
Sports and Recreation Reference
Lisa Tocker
Disability Group
Raewyn Stone
Youth Advisory Panel
• 21 panel members – 1 representative per local
board area
• Youth Advisory Panel established in August
• 10 panel members at present, with 11 more
starting in February 2013
Youth Advisory Panel
Youth Advisory Panel
There are key differences between the youth
panel and the other advisory panels
– Not a statutory requirement
– Panel members are elected by other young people
living in the area they represent
– The Youth Advisory Panel will continue past
November 2013
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