Welcome New Families!
Parent responsibilities
 Swim meets
 Website navigation
 Team gear
 Communication
Parent Responsibilities
Any violation of the USA Swimming Code of Conduct is a
violation of the BDSC code of conduct
Swimmers encouraged to attend as many workouts as
Watching practice
Send the correct clothing for dry land workouts
Have swimmers should leave all valuables at home
Who can be on deck?
 During Practice- swimmers, coaches, and board
members (USA Swimming Credentials)
 During Meets- swimmers, coaches, officials, timers
Code of Conduct
The Blue Devil Swim Club was established to support
participation in youth athletics as well as a deep respect
for the traditions of teamwork, life-long learning and
athletic activity.
 We feel as a club that it is important that all our
members, Swimmers, Staff and Parents, promote
BDSC’s mission through positive behavior and conduct.
 The Disciplinary Code applies to all members,
Swimmers, Staff and Parent behavior occurring during
or at an activity or function that is associated with the
Blue Devil Swim Club including but not limited to: swim
practice, swim meets, team trips, team outings, or
individual group outings and in some cases,
objectionable behavior by members of Blue Devil Swim
Club outside of club activities.
Blue Devil Swim Club Fundraising
Not-for-Profit Organization
 Membership is considered small,
approximately 100+ families at any time
 The more we raise the more we can
offset club expenses
 Without support for fundraising,
registration costs may go up
Fundraising allocation
2013 fundraising allocation
Team suits
LED scoreboard ($25K)
Formal winter and summer banquet
Training equipment
Club operating expenses
2011-2012 fundraising allocation
Team suits, both formal winter and summer banquets,
equipment for concessions, training equipment for swimmers
(including an underwater camera system).
Planned fundraising for 2013-14
Hosted meets: Blizzard and May Mania
Potential to host Age Group Championship meet in July 2014
Sponsorships on Website
 Employee Giving
SCRIP – Jill Carlson
Dates for the Fall/Winter will be posted on
When you make purchases, the club makes
money at no extra cost to you!
On-line ordering
Presto Pay
Orders placed on Monday, gift cards delivered
on Thursday.
We are a parent run organization and count on all of you!
Minimum Commitment
 Work all hosted meets (Dual Meets/Invites)
 Hosted meet positions under FAQ’s tab
 Blue Devil Blizzard – January 17-19, 2014
 Serve on a Committee
 Committee descriptions under FAQ’s tab
 Timing for away meets
 Volunteer check due at registration
 If commitment is not met your check will be cashed
Volunteer Sign up-Peggy Bell
We Need Officials!
Benefits of Becoming an Official
Help support an excellent sport for children and promote a healthy lifestyle
for children.
Gain a more thorough understanding of swimming in particular, and sports
in general.
Fulfill volunteer obligations at club meets.
Get closer to the action; know what’s happening on deck with the “best
seat” in the pool.
Get mentally and physically engaged during the meet rather than merely
Be cooler on deck than in the stands.
Receive free admission and great hospitality during sessions officiated.
If interested, visit
Blue Devil Committee Chairs
Chair Person
Peggy Bell
Kelly McCollum/Michelle Kelly
Erin Pietranek
Peggy Schuler Goldman/Jill Carlson
Travel Meets
Kim Wells
Apparel/Team Gear
Kathy Gernady
Tina Shuler/Kathy Aykroid
Terri Grasty
Sue Hoffman
Neal Nash
Escrow(meet fees)
Lynn Salisbury
Meet info
Types of meets
 Intersquad meet – BDSC team only
 Dual/Tri meets
2-3 teams attending
Usually one day
Invitational meet
4-20 teams attending
Age groups are split into different ½ day sessions
Variety of events and competition
Some require qualifying times
Meet schedule
Swim meet sign up
Swim meet entries done on line.
Make sure you sign up for the correct number of
events per session you are attending.
A list of all entered swimmers will be posted on the
website – check this for accuracy
If you signed up for the meet and you do not see your
swimmer’s name on the list, contact Coach Chris
To determine what events your swimmer
is entered in simply check Hytek online or review
your entries on meet page.
It is very important for swimmers to be on-time to meets for
positive check in and the start of warm-ups. Swimmers that are
late are often not checked in and cause the coaches to have to
scramble to get them back into the meet.
Meet warm-up sessions are very important to a swimmer’s
success at a meet. The warm-up session provides the swimmers
the opportunity to get used to the pool, count their strokes in
backstroke and in general get their body ready to race. Coaches
plan warm-ups based on the number of swimmers that are
present for a particular session. When swimmers are late, they
are not provided with enough warm-up to get them ready for
racing and often are a disruption to other swimmers who are
there already warming up.
The following policies will be in place to provide a quality warmup for those swimmers that are on time. Being on time means
being on deck ready to get into the pool 15 minutes prior to the
scheduled warm-up time. Meeting positive check-in deadlines
and being on deck 15 minutes prior to warm ups are a swimmer’s
Unless a swimmer contacts a coach in advance,
- Any swimmer arriving after warm ups have started will not be
able to participate in the warm up session.
- Swimmers arriving after positive check-in closes will not be
allowed to swim.
- Swimmers that are going to be late should contact Coach Chris
at 847-204-6997 either via text or phone call.
Surviving a meet!
Meet Packets and Heat Sheets:
 Location of meet, event list, warm up/start times, awards, etc.
 Heat sheets-slowest to fastest (lists event, heat, lane of all
 Usually about 4 hours
What to pack:
 2 goggles, 2 team caps, team suit/competition suit, 2 towels,
change of clothes, healthy snacks, shampoo, etc.
BDSC Swimming Meet Survival Guide
 FAQ’s
Parent Responsibilities - Meets
Be on time – Swimmers should be on deck 15
minutes before their scheduled warm-up time
Stay until the coach tells the swimmer it is ok to
leave –check if they are on a relay
Event entries are done by coaches (with some
parent input)
No changes after deadlines
Respect all officials
Athletes report to their coach before and
immediately after their event
Timer Information
> As a visiting team, The Blue Devil Swim Club may be required to
provide timers for 1-2 lanes. Assigned Timers must check-in to receive
credit toward your volunteer commitment to BDSC.
> Parents / Sponsors of swimmers registered to swim in a meet are
eligible for assignment as timers for that meet.
> It is the responsibility of the assigned Parent / Sponsor to fulfill the
volunteer assignment.
> Parents are responsible to negotiate any assignment changes with
other parents assigned to the meet or with other parents in the Club.
Swim meets – No Shows
If you sign up to attend a meet, go to the meet.
 Impacts of missing a meet
 Pay for events not attended
 Entry fees & coach fees are non-refundable
 $5 per day coaching fee
 Dual/Tri meets and Conference- $5 flat fee
 Invitational Meets- $3-$5 per event, plus $2 ISI fee,
possible facility charge. Total cost is usually $15-$30
per day.
 If you must miss a meet due to emergencies, notify Chris
Meet Fee Policy
If your meet fees are not paid after 30 days, your swimmer will
not be able to swim at the next registered meet. Those fees
have already been paid by BDSC to the host club. In order to
ensure that BDSC fulfills its operational expenses, we must
collect payments in a timely manner.
Check or cash placed in the treasurer folder.
Electronically via ACH transactions or credit cards (Visa,
Mastercard and Discover) online.
Electronic payments will incur a $3.00 processing fee per
transaction which takes place once a month.
In order to have consistency and create a team unified look the
Coaches and Board have instituted the following policy for all
All swimmers must have a team suit to wear at meets.
The team suit is not to be worn for practices in order for it to last
throughout the entire season.
Worn out (see through) suits should be replaced as soon as
Technical Suits (Fast suits) are intended to be worn at
Championship meets only. While technical suits do help a
swimmer go faster, the coaches want to see the swimmers
succeed using the training provided in practices and not rely on a
suit to help them go faster.
There are some instances in which swimmers may
wear a fast suit with a coach’s permission. Permission
must be obtained before the swimmer puts the suit on.
Swimmers not getting permission will be asked to take
the suit off before swimming.
Here are some of the reasons for wearing a fast suit
outside of a championship meet;
A swimmers last opportunity to get a championship
qualifying time.
A prelim/final format meet.
Box outside pool area during practice
Each of you have a “family folder”
From Coaches
 Update your account with a correct email address
From BOD ([email protected])
From Treasurer ([email protected])
From Volunteer coordinator
All info is important. Please Read!
Surf this regularly!!
Review FAQ’s and site map.
Coach Chris’ office hrs
Office Hours
Monday through Friday - 10:00am-2:00pm.
These office hours are listed for parents or
swimmers as the best time to contact Chris
via his cell phone.
Cell Phone & email address
 [email protected]

Meets - TeamUnify