Fund Manager Mtg 2.19.15 - Office of Research Administration

DOM Fund Manager Meeting
February 19, 2015
EFM Visit
► Fund
Closeout Workgroup
Total Direct Cost vs. Direct Cost Ceiling
► Total
Direct Cost = UCLA DC + Sub DC +
Sub F&A
signature authority is based on TDC
►TDC can be found on page 3 of the detailed budget,
Item G. Direct Costs
 If this amount is greater than $500,000 then DOM DRA
cannot review/submit. The proposal MUST go to OCGA.
► Direct
Cost Ceiling = UCLA DC + Sub DC
purpose of this is to not penalize a PI for
collaborating outside his/her own institution
►Refers to any DC ceiling amount listed in a PA/RFA
for detailed budgets, and all modular budgets
Total Direct Cost vs. Direct Cost Ceiling
Cayuse/S2S Common Review Comments
► Co-PI
is not an NIH recognized role.
► Key Persons:
 Should be listed in Alpha Order. (Use blue sort arrow)
 Position/Title in Profile does not match BioSketch.
 When using non-UCLA email addresses, please confirm
this information is correct.
► Facilities
and Other Resources
 Recommend including a sub-header for “Scientific
► Appendix:
Confirm appendix material is
allowable as per NIH policy NOT-OD-07-018
Remarks: Include “Submitted via DOM
DOM 3 Day Policy
► Due
3 business days prior to the Sponsor
due date
► This also includes “soft” deadlines, such as
continuous submission dates
► Any exception to policy should be requested
in advance via email to DOM DRA with
justification for Dr. Fogelman’s approval
► Proposals submitted to DOM DRA for review
should be in its final, ready to submit form
► Please reiterate to your PIs
NIH Updates
Late Submission Policy:
 NOT-OD-15-039
 2-week window of consideration
 Not applicable to RFAs that state in the due
date field: “No late applications will be accepted
for this Funding Opportunity Announcement”
 A Cover Letter MUST be included, explaining the
delay in submission
Note: Continuous Submission only applies to
R01s, R21s & R34s with standard due dates
NIH Offset
► Grants
Policy Statement:
 If the GMO determines that some or all of the unobligated funds
are not necessary to complete the project, the GMO may restrict
the grant’s authority to automatically carry over unobligated
balances in the future, use the balance to reduce or offset NIH
funding for a subsequent budget period, or use a combination of
these actions.
NOA will state “Less Unobligated Balance” in
Section I, and describe the Offset in Section IV.
► NOT to be confused with Carry Forward!
► Very common in T32s where carry forwards are
generally not approved/allowed.
New Fund Manager Manual
► New
NIH Biosketches
► How to calculate 9/12 academic salary in
► Coming Soon…Graduate Tuition/Fees and
when/how to calculate the correct amount
for your proposal budgets.
New NIH BioSketches
► My
NCBI demo
 My Bibliography vs. Other Citations
 Creating the URL for the My Bibliography link
required in the new BioSketch
ERS Statistics: Over 99% certified!
 207 reports are currently OVERDUE!
► Please make every effort to get your remaining open
reports certified as soon as possible.
► Reminder: Every overdue report is a potential audit
Research Administrators Forum
► Every
2nd Thursday of each month
► 10-11:30 am
► Louis Jolyon West Auditorium (NPI
Auditorium) – Room C8-183 Semel Institute
► Sign up for to be on the listserv to receive
 To subscribe: Send an e-mail to: [email protected] The subject line and
body of the e-mail can be blank.
Research Administrators Forum
– use [email protected] to
send ALL proposal packages
 All proposals that will be submitted by OCGA
need to be submitted 5 business days prior to
 All internal documents from proposals that have
been submitted by DOM DRA
 PI & Fund Manager should receive immediate
acknowledgement from Intake Team
Research Administrators Forum
– Single Fund # Exception
 All awards must meet ALL 4 criteria
CF not allowed or restricted
Annual close out required
Monthly invoice required
Payment basis = cost reimbursement
 OR all T32 grants
RAPID close out new reports
 Detailed warning & unallowable
 Expense & Payroll After End Date only includes
doc & earned dates outside project period
Training Opportunities
Weekly FM Training Winter/Spring 2015
semester begins Tuesday, Feb. 24th
► OCGA Master Calendar Training Schedule
► Gift Handling Training
 Wednesday, April 15, 2015
 James West Alumni Center
 Two Sessions:
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
►Afternoon: 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
 Need to RSVP to attend.
Next BioBasics Lay Seminar
Amy Waterman, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine,
Division of Nephrology
Transplant Research and Education Center (TREC)
Tuesday, March 31, 2015
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Room 53-105 CHS
Lunch is provided, so get there early!