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MyNCBI – Managing and
Reporting on Publications
Heather Arnold
Assistant Director
Office of Sponsored Projects
What is NCBI
A tool integrated with PubMed to track literature searches,
collections of citations, and public access compliance.
Key features for our discussion:
• Can be linked to eRA Commons accounts
• Commons linked users can associate publications with
NIH grants
• Tracks NIH Public Access compliance
• Creates the publications section (Section E) of PHS 2590s
• Other time savers: Delegation, options to share and
publish bibliographies, automate searches, etc.
• The only way to enter publications into RPPR
From NIH Training Webinar 1/15/13
Why is it important?
• Awards (non-competing continuations) will
be placed on hold until grantees have demonstrated
• Use of My NCBI will be required:
To report papers in RPPRs
To generate PDF report for the publications
section of paper progress reports (PHS 2590)
Accessing My NCBI
•Register at Create a password and log in.
Populating My NCBI’s Bibliography
-Search for your articles in PubMed
Adding PubMed Citations
From NIH Training Webinar 1/15/13
Adding PubMed Citations
-Confirm destination and save
Adding PubMed Citations –SUCCESS!
Managing Public Access Compliance
From NIH Training Webinar 1/15/13
Managing Public Access Compliance
-MyNCBI Compliance Flags
Journal articles that are compliant with the NIH Public Access Policy are
marked with a green dot and have the PubMed Central citation Id (PMCID)
number listed. In the below example, two NIH award Ids are also associated to
the citation.
Articles newly submitted to the NIH Manuscript Submission system are
considered in process and are marked with a yellow dot. Note that the NIHMS
ID number is listed. In the below example, there is no association to an NIH
award. Click the link “Add award” to add an award to this citation.
A red dot indicates that the article is non-compliant. The compliance process
can be started by clicking on the red dot or “Citation not in NIHMS or PMC.”
NIH funding information (award id) can be added to this citation by clicking
“Add or delete award.”
A question mark indicates that compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy
cannot be determined without additional information. Click "Edit Status" to
enter supporting information for the citation.
Articles that were accepted for publication prior to April 7, 2008 are not
covered by the NIH Public Access Policy. These citations are marked as not
applicable (this status is also automatically applied to citation types that are
not journal articles, e.g., book chapters, patents, presentations).
Initiating Public Access Compliance
Activate the pop-up wizard by clicking either a red dot “Citation not in NIHMS
or PMC,” or click the question mark or “Edit Status.”
To Make Bibliography Public and Add a Delegate
• Sign into My NCBI and go to My Bibliography.
• Click the "Settings" link as shown in the image below.
From NIH Training Webinar 1/15/13
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