Redmond EMS Staff
August/September Meeting
Any change, even a change for the better,
is always accompanied by drawbacks and
discomforts. (Arnold Bennett) Be
steadfast. (I Corinthians 15:58)
Meeting Schedule
for remainder of year
Meetings will be mandatory
 Each meeting series will have 2 to 4
meetings with the same content per
– Only difference is Employee content which will
be added to notes section
– Employees must sign roster
Meeting power point on service e-mail
before meeting series
Meeting Schedule Cont.
Goal to meet is improvement in
 Expectations:
– Participation from Everyone
– Improvement Team Dynamics
– Improvement in Critical Thinking/Decision
Requirement: 1 meeting per month
Issue #1
Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions
Addition of participation in monthly
 Addition of reporting any/all traffic/legal
infractions immediately
 Addition of 12 hours of community service
– Community Education/Community Event
– Special Event
Issue #2
Employee Evaluations
Issued at first Monday of October
 Required completion time third Monday of
 Appointments to discuss with individual
employees starting third Tuesday
 Very important that crew members grade
themselves honestley
Issue #3
Purchase and Seasonal
Uniform purchase should be completed by
end of October
– Vouchers available with limit $350.00 for
uniform purchase only with Lynn’s or Direct
– Typical purchase includes 3 of each pants and
shirts, 1 pair of boots, 1 belt
– Issued uniform includes Rain coat, fleece, 3season coat, boggin, hat
Seasonal Uniform Changes
October 1 T-shirts only after 10pm unless
indicated for special event
 Shirts/pants should be clean/unwrinkled
 Boots should be clean and have shine
 Undershirts should be royal blue, black or
 No underclothing beyond sleeve length
 No unauthorized jackets/rain jackets
Seasonal Uniform cont.
Special operations uniforms based on area
of operations
 Specialized uniforms for events i.e. Rodeo
Medic Crew
 Dress casual uniforms for specific
community events, Health Fairs, meetings
 If you do not have a piece of uniform or
do not receive one, notify me immediately
Issue #4
Daily Operations
Daily Issues
Assure that all station duties are done by
All Crewmembers!!!
– Time of final clean per Captain/Lt/Sgt
– No visitors (family, friends, etc.) after 10pm
– No visitors shadowing staff during work day
– No family members/friends “camping out”
during shift
Daily Issues
Personal Phone Usage
– Service phones are for business only
– Phone numbers matching repetitive personal calls =
re-payment by staff member
– Service cell phone should remain on 1 of the crew
members and be where they can answer phone
Service Internet
– Consider content for appropriate viewing
– Downloading information is prohibited
Daily Issues
Fuel Cards
– Remain with trucks/no switching from unit to
– Missing cards reported immediately
– Not for personal usage/logs tracked for
– There should be no reason that any keys are
taken off of key chains, traded from truck to
truck or copied for personal usage.
Daily Issues
Checking out with Dispatch
– Units should contact whenever
 Leaving out or station to go for meal break or
 Arriving at location and getting out of unit for
pickup (NET calls/transfers)
 Checking out for pickup of supplies
 Arriving at event where crew will be out of truck
for extended period of time
Daily Issues
Calling in for shift due to illness, accident,
death, etc.
– Must call current on duty Command staff
member to report and have reasoning before
2 hrs from shift start
– This includes normal shifts, Education and
special events
– Illness with frequency or length over 2 shifts
will require MD excuse
Daily Issues
Service Web site
– Should be checked during shift for new information
posted every shift
– Crew members should interact with rest of staff
– Content to be kept clean (“Momma Rule”) and not
degrading to other staff
– E-mail should be checked twice daily
– Schedule changes will be posted on online schedule
– PTO requests should not be made on website without
confirming with D/C of receiving request
Daily Issues
– PTO requests should be turned in before completion
of schedule
– Crew members should be prepared to find their own
coverage for some special events, appointments,
issues after posting of schedule
– No PTO requests will be accepted for Command staff
to cover on holidays. This will remain responsibility of
Crew Member
– You should check schedule after release to confirm
your schedule
Daily Issues
Scheduling cont.
– FT/PRN/Part-time associates must confirm
days with DC upon accepting shifts and also
confirm correct days on posting
– Failure to show up to shifts = No Call/No
Show which means written disciplinary action
for 1st offense; 1 day suspension for 2nd and
Termination for 3rd. This includes all service
functions, community service events, special
events, education classes and meetings
Daily Issues
Scheduling Cont.
– Shift/Station displacement may occur as
service staffing needs dictate. This is not
personal but necessary for service need.
– PRN staff are required to maintain 36hrs per
month to stay employed. Failure to maintain
time 1st month will result in 1 month
probation with repeat offense meaning
Chain of Command (COC)
Please remember the chain of command when dealing
with issues
Sgt level should be the first approach on daily issues,
however operational and safety issues should be an
immediate call to Captain or Lt on Duty.
Please do not go around staff or ask another to get
answer you need.
Remember my door is always open, but I want you to
utilize the COC as effective means to getting issues or
needs solved locally. These folks have the ability to meet
these issues head on and can take care of issues within
their scope.
Issue #5
Spreading of rumors in Public Safety is
inevitable; however, malicious rumors with
physical intent to damage another are not
allowable. 1st offense verbal, 2nd written and 1
day suspension, 3rd termination.
 If you are unsure if something is true or know it
is not, you are empowered to stop it cold in its
 Leads to poor moral and retaliation by parties
Issue #6
Behavioral Issues
Issues on a upsurge
 Many issues are just impulses where
someone just carries through with an
immediate inappropriate action; examples:
– Theft
– Damage to Property
– Failure to answer radio or failure to check out
– Poor customer service
Behavioral Issues
Use of Camera or recordings
– Hospital has a strict policy regarding taking of
pictures of patients. Terminating offense
– Usage of pictures to document damage to
vehicle/surroundings acceptable. Note no
patients will be in photos
Usage of Facebook
– Not a tool to satisfy arguments
– Not a tool to document work actions or
complain about work
Behavioral cont.
What can you do to mitigate?
– Think about what you are going to do before
doing it
– Consider impact to those around you, the
community, the service, the facility and
– Ask yourself if your reputation is worth
throwing away
– Decide if your job is worth it
Be accountable for your actions
 Be first to stand up and own what has
 Don’t try to cover up, conceal or lie about
 Report to Command Report as soon as
 Not all issues result in Disciplinary Action
Outside Actions
Please strongly consider the actions
outside of the service walls
 People do not care if you were on or off
duty, their only concern was what they
think they know
– Recent DUI
– Personal Home Issues
– Traffic Violations
Outside actions
Behavior exhibited off duty in the facility is
no different than being on duty
 Poor behavior exhibited while on or off
campus at educational event may affect
you and the service
 Poor displays of behavior can lead to
disciplinary action in the line of Conduct
Outside Actions
Can not stress the fact that we do not
need this right now
 We have put in too much hard work for
one or two individuals to tear the house
of cards down
 Need to remember to manage up our crew
members, support them and guide them
in the right direction, don’t just look away!
Critical Thinking
Consider the outcome of actions
 Consider what is best for patient, partner
and service before considering yourself
 Consider impact of following through with
current decision process
 Don’t take the easy road out
 Keep decisions simple by following KISS
Moral Busters
Malicious Rumors
 Failure to follow policies and Procedures
 Failure to be part of Team and assist
 Failure to be part of Team
 Back seat driving
 Failure to communicate
 Follow through in actions
Moral Busters
Folks intentionally going out to destroy
 Forgetting where we have been and
where we are now
 Forgetting that with growth comes issues
that we can overcome as a Team
 Being part of the problem, not the solution
Issue #7
Special Event/PR Coordinator D2
– Marty Robinson, Captain
Special Operations Coordinator D2
– Frankie Matthews, Lt
Sgt D2
– A Shift Heather Rogers
– B Shift Jeff Davis
– C Shift Jason Deems
 Quality Assurance (QA/QI) Coordinator
- Ken McKenzie, Lt.
Special Event/PR Coordinator D1
– Job Description
Special Operations Coordinator D1
– Job Description
Sgt B Shift
– Job Description
Issue #8
Upcoming classes
– PEPP October 26th
– ACLS 1 day November 5th
– Advanced Assessment Treatment of Trauma
course Sunday Nov 7th
– PALS Nov 3rd and 4th
– Behavioral Emergencies TBA
– Managing Bomb Threats GBI course 10/13
– TCCC- Tactical Combat Casualty Care Dec
ABLS Nov 10th Franklin Ga.
 BDLS/ADLS Dec 7-9th Albany
 PHTLS Dec 21-22 Sylvania, Ga.
 ITLS Oct 26th and Nov 1st Bartow EMS
Education Cont.
Attendance for classes is very poor. Need
to make sure and attend at all cost.
 Required courses ACLS/BCLS/PALS or
equivalent, Trauma equivalent, ASLS
 Failure to complete required courses =
Conference Mid-Winter
 Comps will be set in October (Mandatory
attendance for 1 day)
– District 1- Weds 20th, 21st, 22nd
– District 2- Tues 26th, 27th, 28th
Issue #9
HR Updates
HR updates
$500.00 Flex spending credit
– 1st take the Assessment
– 2nd schedule screening
Flu Shots available
– Last years Flu shot policy
New sign up period coming
 EAP availability
Issue #10
Policies and Procedures
Policies and Procedures
Issues with current Policies and
– Some out of date requiring review and
– Need to expand scope
– Need to review with staff for accuracy
What Ideas do you have?
Issue #11
– Review for inconsistencies
– Review for complete story
– Utilize pain scale when describing pain
– Scan in documents and save
– Review times/dates for accuracy
 VS section should have time of assessment/verify
– Make sure to Post!
– Make sure to get signatures
Imagetrend changes
– Case number will be auto-generated on start
of PCR starting Oct 1 to prevent overlay of
calls/loss of calls. Incident number will be
generated by Dispatch/911 and still coincide
with specific zone.
– If CPU offers to override call do not do this.
Request assistance first and verify case
number with Dispatch.
SET– Make sure to hold on to sheets until checked
off by Sherry
– Make sure to get appropriate signatures
– Dates, times and mileage
 Have to be correct on Fieldbridge
Issue #12
Practice Parameters
Practice Parameters
Everyone should have been advised of
new practice parameter sets
– If not classes will be set up weekly to verify
changes- Ken McKenzie to lead
Everyone will be receiving copy of their
own (confidential)
 Please study, some will be on comps
Issue #13
#1 issue with Employee Opinion Survey
– Integration of website with Forum and Email
 Replaced Meditech for communications
 Crews need to be engaged with site and tools
– Day to day communication still not effective
but starts with crews communicating with
each other and command staff.
– Need to make sure and bridge the gap
between effective communication and
Plan for meeting minutes
 How do you think we can improve
– Examples of poor communication or failure to
Issue #14
Future Planning
Future Planning
New CEO Systemness with new Health Care System
 Cartersville Medical Center EMS
 Chattooga
 Critical Care Truck
Thanks for attending