LT Kelley
• What is a chit
• How to fill out a chit
• How to route a chit
• How to review a chit
• How to maintain a chit
• When a chit is required
• NROTC University of Florida Midshipman Handbook,
2011, Chapter 9
• Regulations for Officer Development (ROD) for the
NROTC (NSTC Instruction 1533.2A)
What is a Special Request Chit (SRC)?
• SRCs are a means of communicating with the chain of
• Can be submitted to:
• Request absence from a unit event
• Request special liberty
• Request to drop a class
Filling out a SRC
Filling out a SRC
Filling out a SRC
• General Guidance:
Filling out a SRC
• This is a critical block
• Be as detailed as possible. Assume the person reading this block
has no background knowledge.
• If you need more space, continue on an additional page.
• Supporting documentation should be attached (stapled). For
• Doctor’s notes, for a medical chit
• Flight itinerary, for a special liberty chit
• Class schedule, for a special liberty chit
Routing a SRC
• “Battalion Matters”
• Drafter
• Squad Leader
• Company Commander
• Battalion XO
• Company Officer (Final Approval)
• “Academic/Unit Matters”
• Drafter
• Academic Advisor
• Unit XO
• Unit CO (Final Approval)
Battalion Matters vs. Academic Matters
• Academic Matters shall be defined as follows:
• Chits for conflict drill
• Chits to change your academic major
• Chits to withdraw a class
• Battalion Matters shall be defined as follows:
• Chits to be excused from a drill period
• Chits to be miss class
• Chits to leave the country
• Medical/Light duty chits
• The lists above are not meant to be all-inclusive.
• If in doubt, ask yourself, “Should my Company
Commander know about this?”
Routing a SRC
• Guidance comes straight from the Handbook:
• “Expedition of the chit through the chain of command is
the responsibility of every person who signs the chit. No
person should hold the chit longer than 24 hours.”
• “In order to ensure the chain of command has enough
time to route the chit, anyone routing a chit should do so
as soon as an issue arises or they know that they need
to miss an event. At a minimum, SRCs need to be routed
one week in advance of the date of the event.”
• “No student should assume that his or her chit was
approved. Until a student has a signed copy of an
approved chit, the request is not approved.”
Reviewing a SRC
• What you should look for:
• Format
• “Reason for Request” – does this explain the request in sufficient
• Supporting documentation
• Ask questions
• You will be held accountable for anything with your signature on it
• Your signature is your certification
Maintaining a SRC
• What does this mean?
• Updating your Midshipmen Chain of Command and
Company/Academic Advisor
• Examples:
• Medical chits
• Chits to miss Battalion events
• Chits to drop class
• You have an approved chit to miss Thursday drill due to a
class field trip. On Thursday morning, your professor
informs you that the trip has been canceled. Are you
required to attend drill?
• Yes.
• It is late February. The CO asks you what your plans for
Spring Break are, and you tell him that you intend to go to
Cozumel, Mexico. He tells you to, “Have fun, and be
safe.” Are you required to route a chit?
• Yes.

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